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 News 22/09/2011
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Natural Hemp and Long Pile Towel Collections

Textiles are among the most familiar objects of our lives. Yet their production today is in most cases highly polluting due to the extensive use of chemicals that are often released into rivers and soil, contaminating groundwater and drinking water, degrading the habitat of flora and fauna, and entering our food chain.
Most of these chemicals permanently impregnate the clothes we wear or the textiles we bring into our homes. So they are released into the air we breathe or absorbed through the skin.
The use of natural fibers is not in itself a “green” choice, however. In fact it is important to chose not only natural fiber fabrics,  but also natural textile products. That means textiles produced without  products harmful to the soil, animals and man in any stage of processing from the fiber to the finished fabric. These products are made from organic fibers grown in a sustainable way.
With the "Natural Hemp" and "Long Pile Towel” Collections of the Home Collection program, Gessi attires the home with natural yarn and textiles. These include natural and organic fibers of hemp and cotton which are lightweight, durable and completely biodegradable. Thanks to careful processing, textiles of the Home Collection retain the characteristics of the natural fibers used to make them, and are beneficial for our well being and comfort.
Using techniques passed down for generations, the "Natural Hemp" and " Long Pile Towel" Collections of the Gessi Home Collection offer clothing and accessories characterized by unique craftsmanship, the pleasure of an extraordinary softness and lightness,  and respect for nature.
Each step in the creation of these products is done only by hand, from the spinning of cotton and hemp, to weaving on ancient looms, to sewing and finishing. All production is carefully and deliberately carried out in accordance with centuries-old techniques, jealously guarded by skilled craftspeople.
The results are unique pieces that differ slightly from one another. In this way, the touch of the individuals who created them remains embedded in the product forever.
In a world dominated by mass production, Gessi Home achieves the opposite with its "Natural Hemp" and "Long Pile Towel" Collections, celebrating hand craftsmanship in limited editions. The love for the beautiful and the genuine, the passion for refinement, and the attention to detail are the guiding principles of the Home Collection. Gessi believes that garments this special should transmit the dream of  "wonderful living" it strives to achieve with each of its products, embodying everyday objects with health and beauty.
The Natural Hemp and Long Pile Towel textiles of the Gessi Home Collection  were created to make the daily experience of one’s bath and home unique and personal, allowing for soft moments to be enjoyed individually or shared with a loved one.
Natural Hemp and Long Pile Towel Collections
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