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Art Ceram
 Azienda Art Ceram Impressions 1932
 Nome Cartometro Postit
Cartometro Postit
The irony goes happily in the bathroom area of the measuring paper of Artceram, a decorate toilet roll holder 4 x 12 cm. Three levels to measure the toilet paper,  warning when it came time to stock up. “Relax”  is the first level, the second level  alerts  “Do not Panic!”.  At the third level, it is appropriate to say and run for cover, “oh shit!”. The collection is characterized by material, ceramics, and mimecry line with the wall: one part accessory seems to disappear into the wall leaving the impression that it is recessed inside. The accessories are not now a simple addition “incidental” to be added at the end, but more and more are part of the project, incorporated seamlessly with the architectural structure of the bath.

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