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 Nome Evolution
The fusion of two collections, Terra Mezz’Aria and Cube, evolves in a new project: EVOLUTION is born.

Refined combinations and glam shades enrich the line and create unpublished proposes. Design and aesthetic research meet the need of functionality for everyday gestures, habitability of home environments: this is why Evolution was studied to decorate all spaces, thanks to a wide modularity that becomes an ally and accomplice of each meter of the house. Rational planning for functional interiors marries the renewal of balance and harmony of shapes. All without neglecting innovation and taste: consoles are with single and double basins or round bowls, handles are geometrical. Shades are dyed with metallic reflections and woods are varnished open pores. Drawers are planned and equipped to accomodate objects of daily use, from hairdryer to cosmetic accessories.

Detail becomes research and is transformed in a contemporary project: shelfs and object holders are distinguished with clean and orderely lines, for smooth and squared superficies that garanties filled and rigourous volumes. Evolution combines excellence in details and a philosophy inspired to ongoing research. For ideas always new. For a design in evolution. All this is EVOLUTION, exactly.

EVOLUTION combines the eccellence of details and a philosophy inspired to continuous research, to furnish spaces with ideas always new, always in evolution.

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