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 Nome Osmos bathroom space
Osmos bathroom space
Glass reinterprets the bathroom space and concept in a completely new way by presenting Osmos, the new furnishing system made up of multifunctional wall-hung modules designed by LucidiPevere and used to create hammam spaces, shower areas, bath areas and bathroom furnishing systems. The aim of the two young designers was to profoundly change the typical interpretation of the shower area - a place that normal planning logic imagines as closed-in and isolated from the other bathroom elements – making it become an integral part of the setting, mixed with and crossed by a system of modules that expand throughout the room.

Now that the image of the “closed-in space” has been overcome, the shower area can be reinterpreted as if it were a glass display unit in which one can now find functions that were usually designed to live outside it. Languages typical of the living room area can now be found in the bathroom; the two rooms interfere with each other so that they blend and transform themselves into a single scene.

Osmos is a flexible and customisable system made up of a set of wall units in painted stainless steel that can be used open or with doors. Thanks to their versatility they can be accessorised with typical wellness functions such as hydromassage jets, showerhead, mixer, steam and spring. A wide range of palette colours together with three different wood finishes for the doors of the modules make for unmatched system customisation. The versatility of Osmos is set off by the different dimensions of the steel modules that can be placed in very flexible directions and positions to achieve a large array of arrangements going from the most spectacular to the most compact.

Their harmony and balance are set off by the possibility of fitting a washbasin and bath area in the arrangement: additional proof of the endless possibilities that Osmos is able to offer. The steam and spring modules complete the range for home and professional hammam arrangements.

Care over, and research into details beautify the entire project in a stylish and functional way: a small stool can be placed inside or outside the shower cubicle and an elegant storage table can be positioned alongside the bathtub.

All the modules can be combined against the wall for a furnishing programme that can be in contact with the water or at a distance from it, depending on a careful choice of materials.

The system becomes a space that frees planning imagination and consists in natural and precious elements: a customised furnishing programme marked by heterogeneity and individual taste.

Osmos expresses the propensity of Glass towards innovative design, contaminated by original aesthetic languages that open new paths and possibilities for the product: a creation that encloses a real world that can be moulded on individual needs.

A furnishing system made up of multifunctional wall-hung modules in painted stainless steel, available in various colours. Open and closed storage units in painted stainless steel and wood finishes.
Fixed showerhead module: in painted stainless steel, provided with a cartridge 210x100
Mix module: in painted stainless steel with thermostatic mixer, diverter and hand shower.
Hydro module: in painted stainless steel with 6 nebulizers jets and aroma dispencer
Steam module: in painted stainless steel with an on-off steam module, stainless steel steam outlet and removable drawer for essential oils
Hand basin module: in painted stainless steel with cold water spout, electronic on/off switch and a solid wood bowl
Mix module for Bath: in painted stainless steel with thermostatic mixer, spout and hand shower.
Washbasin: with storage area, in painted stainless steel
Storage units: open or with Push-to-Open doors, available in various dimensions
Painted stainless steel storage table

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