WHO WE ARE   
Acquario Due
  Acquario Due
  Address: Via I Maggio, 31
  City: Bastia Di Rovolon - (PD)
  Code: 35030
  Telephone: +39 049 9913484
  Fax: +39 049 9913492
  Site: www.acquario-due.it
  Impressions: 3715
The Acquario Due s.a.s. ceramic has been founded in the 1986 by the principal Zancanella Federico. The property of the company is of the Zancanella family. The head office of the company is situated in via 1° Maggio, 31/33 in Bastia di Rovolon, Padova, Italy.
It is among the most qualified Italian producers of ceramic tiles in double-firing, for pavements and coverings of interiors , with a large range of accessories for baths and kitchens, decorations, special pieces, finishes for kitchens in masonry and baths.
The business production choices are the result of thirty years of the Principal experience, who has always cultivated an artistic ceramics working inspired to the traditions of the typical Italian handicraft and he has cured its re-discovery and valorization, bringing them backon tiles for pavements and coverings, curing the details, and co-ordinating their coulping and their integration

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