WHO WE ARE   
Ago wash basins
  Ago wash basins
  Address: Via Basso Acquar, 93
  City: Verona - (VR)
  Code: 37135
  Telephone: +30 045 8031340
  Fax: +39 045-8026182
  Site: www.ago-washbasins.it
  Impressions: 3341
Our philosophy is the opposite of short-lived.  We believe that a product, planned and made with attention to its use and beauty, outlives fashions.
Its beauty made of handicrafsmanship, proportions, materials and finishing, remained unchanged and natural.
We know not everyone will agree, but we are sure that whoever chooses such a product will not become easily tired of it.
This is one can become attached to something that is well-designed and well-built and is made to last over the time.

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