WHO WE ARE   
Antonio Lupi Design
  Antonio Lupi Design
  Address: Via Mazzini, 73/75 Stabbia
  City: Cerreto Guidi - (FI)
  Code: 50050
  Telephone: +39 0571 586881
  Fax: +39 0571 586885
  Site: www.antoniolupi.it
  Impressions: 3608
Antonio Lupi is a Tuscany company that, for more than sixty years, has been standing out on the Italian and the international markets for the design and the production of furniture for bathrooms. It is a constantly developing reality that is appreciated for its ability in creating innovation, for its continuous research on materials and design and for its investments in technology and creativity.

This specialization started from bathroom accessories and now it includes the whole house fortified by the coperation with important designers such as Carlo Colombo, Nevio Tellatin, Riccardo Fattori, Gabriele Rosa, Mauro Carlesi, Domenico de Palo and Mario Ferrarini. Antonio Lupi produces in-house any item of the bathroom system and provides an outstanding assistance.

A special attention is paid to Total Quality, not only as far as product plan and design are concerned, but also as for the development and the care for any technical detail. In recent years, the company has worked hard on project research and development, investing in brand growth supporting many collaborators and designers, communicating a single, strong personality. Brand identity has been consolidated, creating a unique style, as if there was just one hand working for antoniolupi, designing products, environments and catalogues coherently and with just one recognisable style. One spirit and many protagonists: «Yes, I’d like to thank all the designers who have worked and still work for us, from Carlo Colombo to Mauro Carlesi, Nevio Tellatin, Riccardo Fattori. Thanks to their work and to what they have represented, we can now move out along new paths and dream about new horizons together with young, emerging talents ” says Andrea Lupi, Art Director and Managing Director of antoniolupi.

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