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Area Ceramica
  Area Ceramica
  Address: Via Sassacci 17
  City: Civita Castellana - (VT)
  Code: 01033
  Telephone: + 39 0761 513252
  Fax: +39 0761 540352
  Site: www.areaceramica.it
  Impressions: 8390
The impulse that allows a company to develop the vital energy by the will to realize something valid that meets the interests of clients from the look turned to new.
When a reality as ours is born, that inventive tension pushes to create the “beauty” that is able to satisfy “the senses” of those desirous clients to fascinate their look from what hasn’t been seen yet. Every basin that is moulded by the art of who works in the company expresses, whether at first sight or with a visual tasting that is more meditated, all the passionate research of the new that only the enthusiasm of young energy, but conscious of tradition, is able to make become concrete forms that impose to the space their unpublished character.
Proposing the stylish innovation in the cosmos composed of furnish for the bathroom is not only a simple will , but an expressive necessity for a different vision of living that portion of the house so intimate and reserved. When this creative alchemy gives it fruit, it appears natural for whom approaches our products, to choose a basin quite as choosing another precious element of furnish for our home.

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