WHO WE ARE   
Bigelli Marmi
  Bigelli Marmi
  Address: Via Arceviese, 26
  City: Senigallia - (AN)
  Code: 60019
  Telephone: +39 071 7926026
  Fax: +39 071 7926046
  Site: www.bigellimarmi.it
  Impressions: 3154
Bigelli Marmi has been working marbles, stones, onyx and granites since 1959.
During the years the projects and the works by Bigelli Marmi (in the public and residential building, religious and funeral building, ship fittings, design and furnishing) have been representing all over the world an example of the best Italian handcraft skill and the ability of Mr Dino and Luigi Bigelli to meet the most exacting customers’ requirements, thanks to its Technical Team and to the modern technologies, which allow to offer a top quality product and service.
The Company has a 2,000 sqm. showroom where the customers can choose the most suitable materials according to their own needs, finding the inspiration from different settings; they can also choose the block to be used thanks to a 30,000 sqm. warehouse. The Company is specialized in all the production process: it may help the client during the design and the offer phase and it does, if necessary, the metric calculation and the measurement all over the world. The Company can offer also the installation done by its own installers all over the world; a Technical Team can offer an excellent after-sale assistance service.

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