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Trend Group
  Trend Group
  Address: Piazzale Fraccon, 8
  City: Vicenza - (VI)
  Code: 36100
  Telephone: +39 0444 338711
  Fax: + 39 0444 338747
  Site: www.trend-vi.com
  Impressions: 2182
Founded in 2000 by Pino Bisazza – expert art lover and successful businessman in the mosaic sector - Trend Group is a manufacturer of precious materials such as glass and gold, enamels and glass agglomerates, quartz and granite, based in Vicenza, and which quickly made a name for itself as a trend-setter, able in combining the taste for tradition with a careful awareness of market changes. Its icon is a stylized cactus symbolically representing the great creativity whereby Trend is able to open a path for itself even in the most arid areas by means of solutions consisting of transparencies, iridescences and intense brightness, to personalise private areas, city environments and works of art all over the world.
The Company’s mission is to be one of the world’s major manufacturer’s of decorative mosaics in glass and agglomerates, following the vision of a reality projected into the future and which wagers on innovation and simplicity to underscore its contemporary character, consistent with the most modern trends such as, for example, the growing attention for the theme of environmental sustainability.
The first steps taken by Trend in an attempt to pursue its business goals without interfering with the eco-system have taken on concrete shape in a series of major product breakthroughs which resulted in the development of the Feel mosaic and Touch agglomerate collections: the first lines to be created using recycled glass, in percentages that currently reach 78% of material from post-consumption re-use.
The Eco-Philosophy pursued by Trend represents a truly ethical type of business approach: the Trend products become “green” while providing the same top quality as ever and the same performance features at the same price.
The range of eco-compatible products, created to cater for the requests of a market which is increasingly more focused on “ethical” consumption, today comprises numerous mosaic proposals - Liberty, Karma, Karma Mirage, Feel, Aureo, Vitreo, Brillante, Shining and Sunshine - four agglomerate collections – Rocksolid, Cristallino, Prezioso and Touch – and a broad range of mosaic WALLPAPER available in 12 different styles.
Trend’s principal production facility is at Vivaro (PN), the company’s logistic headquarters, which also hosts an innovative workshop for the production of artistic and traditional mosaics, a highly modern Research & Development centre and, since 2008, also a department highly-specialised in making gold mosaic tesserae, implemented in the organisation in order to support industrial and cutting-edge production.
Trend’s most artistic and artisan heart on the other hand finds expression in the gold-leaf mosaics and coloured enamels made in the 19th-cent. “Angelo Orsoni” Venetian kiln, a place of creative excellence where age-old glass-working gestures are repeated day after day.
But Trend’s real headquarters are in Vicenza at Villa alle Scalette, a 15th-cent. building which, after careful restoration, has been transformed not only into the company’s registered and administrative offices, but also into a precious instrument for communicating the brand’s style and values.
Values such as the commitment which the Company has always invested in culture, showing itself sensitive to all types of expressions in the field of contemporary art, architecture and design: an inclination inspired in part by the personal likes of President, Pino Bisazza, who is in perfect harmony with the nature of Trend products and with the Company’s position as one of the most innovative concerns on the market, as its product range goes to show, able to offer an incredibly broad selection tailored to all needs and budgets.
More specifically, Trend differs on the market in terms of its gold mosaics of unparalleled quality, thanks to which it has obtained important orders from abroad such as the MECCA CLOCK TOWER, 600 metres high and covered with 40,000 sq m of Trend glass mosaics, 14,000 sq m of which are 24-carat gold-leaf Aureo Modern mosaics.
With its company website, a portal fully dedicated to green initiatives and a dedicated web TV, Trend can also be reached online with a series of spaces far from the concept of simple “product showcase” and aimed instead at providing a series of services useful for creating a more “intimate” relationship with users and informing them about initiatives targeted at safeguarding the environment and others in the cultural field.

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