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Habitat is the new Ariana collection designed for use on bathroom and kitchen walls. It is an original compositional system inspired by dense-paste wall stucco, a technique widely used in contemporary interior design.

Habitat is made up of six fashion colours and a matt surface enlivened by glossy highlights reminiscent of the trowelled effect of stucco, along with vintage flavour wood effects to be used as accents.
With the Habitat collection, Ariana is introducing a new and versatile size into its range, 25x75 cm non rectified, ideal for installation both lengthwise and vertically. The simplicity of application that derives from the single size encourages creative use of the individual elements in the collection, either by mixing the neutral colours (Grigio Perla, Avorio, Cemento and Corteccia) with the fashion tones (Glicine and Carta Zucchero) or alternating them with “engraved wood”, an original listel field tile inspired by aged wood and available in two pale colours (Naturale and Cenere).

The colour combinations are ideal for invention and experimentation according to personal taste and inspirations, while the wide selection of available accents caters for different lifestyles. Without ever losing sight of the creative power of colour, Ariana has expanded the Habitat collection with decorative elements in minimalist, contemporary romantic, classic and modern styles.

Technical details
Product Type: white body double fired wall tile
Colours: Grigio Perla, Avorio, Cemento, Corteccia, Glicine, Carta Zucchero
Size: 25x75 cm non-rectified
Intended use: Residential building, bathroom and kitchen walls
Production: Made in Italy 

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