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 News 17/10/2012
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From Trend, the new Best Collection artistic decorations

Trend, a leading international brand name in the field of design and production of mosaics in glass and gold, enamels and quartz agglomerates, glass and granite, presents the new artistic decorations inspired by nature – part of the Best Collection, a series of original d’auteur solutions representing small and surprising works of art.
Designed by Veronica Tommasin, they are both inspired by nature, but reflect two different aspects of the new path taken by artistic decoration.
The first decoration, Peacock – also available in the Peacock White variation – depicts peacocks and is based on the late-antiquity mosaic tradition, both in terms of subject matter and in the way it is designed.
The second, Gardenia, is a refined exercise in style, with a flower motif emerging clearly from the background colour according to a style which reflects the influence of computerised techniques.
To make these new artistic decorations, Trend has used a special software which translates the images into mosaics and makes possible the production of personalised decorations by exploiting precise operating techniques.
The artistic decorations are made with 1x1 cm size tesserae obtained using a percentage of post-consumption recycled glass, an indication of the environment-friendly collocation of the Vicenza company. 
From Trend, the new Best Collection artistic decorations
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