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 News 22/09/2011
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With its modern and challenging spirit, Mosaico+ once again is at the focus of Cersaie 2011. Living Mosaic: this is the leitmotif of an installation that inspires surprise and wonder, in an original presentation where the richness of the materials and hues, combined with a variety of images, shapes and structures, turns into a “complication that is possible”, thanks to the experience and professionalism of Mosaico+.

This absolute compositional freedom is shown in a series of “dreamlike” rooms, within which there are different experiences:
play, simplicity, surprise
intimacy, relationships
design, colours, materials

The rooms are open spaces that contain an idea of functionality: the mosaic leitmotif (link) runs throughout and connects them, and at the same time it transforms them, as they become more real in volume and architecture. Each has a special mosaic composition and an even more original interpretation:

Wellness: the space dedicated to wellness and well-being: water, fluidity, the desire for natural things

Relax: the thinking space: reading, studying, a library, the timeless value of culture

Living: the jovial space: the kitchen, the table, the fireplace, the hearth and warmth of the home

Welcome: the sharing space: reception, welcoming, hospitality

Mosaico+ research has moved from looking at the content of the individual product/collection to emphasizing how many countless mosaic compositions there are, showing how transversal they can be, and how versatile and wide in scope the collection range truly is.
It started as an idea and ended up as a presentation of daily spaces, to show how mosaic can become a precious accent that accompanies our thoughts and our actions.

Mosaico+ collections: materials and colours for absolute compositional freedom

The Mosaico+ range consists of 14 mosaic collections in over 350 colours.

The very depths of the glass, which is 8 mm thick, emerges from the Onde crystalline refractions, revealing an unsuspected three-dimensionality, just as in the vivid reflections of the Èmetallo collection. The collections are shown once again for their unique beauty.

Dialoghi, designed by Francesco Lucchese, lets you create original and custom mosaics, giving you a choice between a variety of woods, natural stones, glass and metals. The 6 mm-thick highly resistant sintered-glass, suitable even when installed in high traffic areas, is the standout feature of Area25, with its brilliance and colour density.

The 4 mm-thick Concerto collection range, inspired by Venetian enamels, shows of all its 30 colours. A tangle of streaks and delicate mismatching aventurine dissolves into soft and sophisticated surfaces in Aurore, made even stronger by its unusual rectangular tile.

And finally, the protagonist of the “high resolution” figurative mosaic presentation, the Vetrina collection has 72 shiny glass colours and 32 matte finish colours, which all refer to Pantone® colors. This means you will be able to match the exact colour you’ve been wishing for.

Mosaico+ has rich and diverse product ranges. They allow you to make custom compositions in order to meet the needs of private and professional clients as well as the requirements of larger-scale projects.
Link Mosaico+
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