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 News 17/10/2012
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The Bisazza bagno collection

Bisazza widens its product offerings for home interiors with Bisazza Bagno, a natural extension of the Bisazza brand dedicated to the production and distribution of bathroom collections.

Bisazza Bagno is composed of three collections, each expressing the distinct style of the designers who have conceived them: Jaime Hayon, Marcel Wanders and Nendo. Three collections with three different interpretations of bathroom décor have common denominators shared by every Bisazza product: excellence, luxury and design culture as well as innovation of both form and function.

The first Bisazza Bagno collection, designed by Jaime Hayon, clearly recalls the aesthetics of Art Déco. The Hayon Collection of bathroom furniture includes console tables and cabinets as well as basins, baths, brassware, shower screens, mirrors and lighting, as well as a variety of accessories and decorative items.

The idea behind The Hayon Collection is clearly expressed by Jaime Hayon: “The collection recalls the glamour of the 1930s with a Scandinavian touch and feminine shapes. Elegance is the main trait of this innovative collection. The bathroom is the most important room in the home and it should not be hidden. With this collection, it becomes an area you want to show, a place you can keep open. The bathroom becomes a stylish room, full of charm and style, with a strong identity.”

A totally different signature style characterizes the collection designed by Marcel Wanders. The Wanders Collection includes a series of Baroque-inspired consoles and mirrors in black or white lacquered resin with a smoked glass top, contrasted with “pop” design pieces including white ceramic sinks and an imposing white fibreglass bathtub, which reinterpret the classic shape of the bar of soap, soft and rounded.

In addition to the Baroque console design, the collection also includes a version with pullout drawers with a simplified design, in black or white lacquered wood. The contrast characterizing the entire collection is both formal and chromatic: black and white, except for the flower-shaped tap mixers, which are available in a vibrant lobster orange or chrome. The line also includes porcelain shower elements, floor mirrors with black or white lacquered wood frame, and mirror cabinets with black or white lacquered wood frame.

Marcel Wanders describes his collection: "The collection derives its original concept from a fantasy of mine, taking a bath immersed in soap: the apotheosis of clean! I kept this idea in me for a long time, until Bisazza helped me to express it. The collection has then grown and diversified as far as to include three different lines, each with its own well-defined aesthetics, from antique to construction architecture. The idea of presenting different periods in a single collection comes from one of my beliefs: people have two opposing forces within them, one towards an eternal dimension where things last over time, the other towards change. In my design I oscillate and move between these two poles, the old and the new, reassurance and innovation. I believe it is an answer to a very human feeling. The Wanders Collection reflects precisely this duality."

The third Bisazza Bagno collection, The Nendo Collection, captures the pure aesthetic and refined lines of Nendo’s signature style, lending a sense of understated sophistication and polish to the bathroom setting.

From the bathtub to the sinks, drawers and more, each piece designed by Nendo for Bisazza Bagno appears to be “encased” in a box, a theme that runs throughout the collection. The line is complemented by a rich selection of accessories including clocks, shelves and mirrors each designed to serve a dual purpose.

The Nendo Collection also incorporates Bisazza’s first use of larch wood, a natural material known for its warm, golden hues. The warmth of the larch wood balances the clean, minimalist lines of the Nendo designs; when paired together, these elements create a welcoming and serene environment.

Sato describes his inspiration for The Nendo Collection: “Bathroom is … In the past, Japanese bathrooms were a place for communication. Families bathing together as well as public baths were very common until few decades ago.

Now, the bathing experience has become very private and functional, even in Japan. The collection envisions the bathing environment to be very private and functional, but having the sense of 'gathering’.

A silent yet comfortable space that enables you to communicate with yourself, just like the traditional tea rooms in Japan. “

The Bisazza Bagno collections are available at the 10 Flagship Bisazza stores (Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, New York, Paris) and through a network of international retailers.

The hallmark of Bisazza Bagno is its consistency with all of Bisazza’s other product lines, from the celebrated Mosaic to the furnishing accessories of the Home collection.
The Bisazza bagno collection
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