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Colombo Design - collection
Colombo Design - collection "Black & White"
OVER Design: Efrem Bonacina and Giovanni Moro Linear collection with eye-catching design, made of stainless steel AISI 316 L and presents a particular mode of wall fixing, through adhesive strips.
 Sanitaryware & washbasins
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 All news
  Shower enclousures
MONOLITE, shower and radiator in a single element.
MONOLITE, shower and radiator in a single element.
Dreamlike, surreal, mysterious. Versatile, artistic and functional.
Globo: (its) design time
Globo: (its) design time
Design is an integral part of our lives and our everyday existence, it is inherent in the things we do and say
Vismaravetro at Cersaie 2011
Vismaravetro at Cersaie 2011
Linea represents another level of development that has led to the union in a single product of key qualities such as function and simplicity.
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  Bathroom furniture & accessories
Bathroom spaces for your lifestyle
Bathroom spaces for your lifestyle
Once again this year, Roca, the world leader in bathroom spaces, presents its extensive product range, in which innovation and technology
The Art Ceram at Cersaie 2011
The Art Ceram at Cersaie 2011
New Artceram collections of washbasins and sanitaries, maintaining functionality.
Axa modo: modular bathroom system
Axa modo: modular bathroom system
Modo, the name of the new modular range of bathroom accessories, presented by Axa at the Cersaie.
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Colombo Design - collection "Black & White"
New mixers with longer spout of FIMA Carlo Frattini
FIMA Carlo Frattini presents the new headshower Piano and Vela
SERIE 4 by FIMA Carlo Frattini aesthetic and functionability for the needs of everyone.
CRISTINA rubinetterie at CERSAIE
Nomos GO: new character to the shape of the water
NOMOS by Fima Carlo Frattini
At cersaie 2013 “Milo Manara, the rooms of desire”
New elements of Le Giare collection
Fluid collection
The urinals created by 5.5 Designers
Water saving and an Italian excellent quality
Teorema: all about kitchen
Dress Up, the collection for prestigious and refined bathrooms
Ceramiche Supergres at Cersaie 2012 with new exclusive products
Trend presents the new Metropolis collection
From Trend, the new Best Collection artistic decorations
Trend by Zazzeri
The Bisazza bagno collection
H3 new collection
Pietra nel mondo
Premium off scale
Tagina ceramiche d’arte is supermade in italy
SLIM, design that heats or the heat that is a design?
MONOLITE, shower and radiator in a single element.
Scirocco light: 1892
Novoceram the new collection
New multi-purpose designer radiators
Megius at cersaie 2012 – on stage the kaleidoscope of emotions
Hammam evolution
CATACLEAN Total Comfort
Atelier Ariana focuses on emotion and innovation in the field of home design
Urban architecture according to Flaviker-pi.sa
Collection: petrified tree
Collection: back2back
Collection Inessence by Provenza
Bathroom spaces for your lifestyle
Catalano at cersaie 2012
ABK Experience, a journey of discovery through the world of ceramics
Ceramiche Supergres at cersaie with exclusive new products
Newform Design Award 2011:Natura win, a “poetic” tap
Globo: a new meeting centre to discover the home of designer ceramics
Icarus by Gattoni Rubinetteria
Rapsel products literally fly off the shelves
Globo: (its) design time
Teletron Sensor tap
SICIS at MADEexpo 2011
News collections Century at Cersaie
Ceramiche Refin with new collections
New for 2011 – The Barrique collection
Onde by Branchetti at Cersaie 2011
FB by Branchetti at Cersaie 2011
Fap Ceramiche Cersaie 2011
Impronta Ceramiche Italgraniti at Cersaie 2011
Cersaie 2011 Ponsi present ROD
Caesar present Concept.S
News Cersaie 2011 - Klink-Air
News Cersaie 2011 - I Galleggianti
News Cersaie 2011 - Le Rocce
The Art Ceram at Cersaie 2011
Back to tradition: celebrating NOVO with NOVO CULT
Compact 20 - tagina signs the evolution in outdoor
Axa – colamedici group: hi-tech and great tradition
Axa modo: modular bathroom system
Ceramica Fondovalle on show at Cersaie 2011
New 382 and 384 combi units
Ceramiche Ariana at Cersaie 2011
Teuco presents the new InsideOut furniture collection
Hydroline Duralight®
Linea Rigò
Valli arredobagno at cersaie 2011
Etruria at Cersaie 2011
Iris ceramica 50 years for a sustainable future
Natural Hemp and Long Pile Towel Collections
iSpa Biodesign
New Designer Atomizers of the Gessi Private Wellness® Program
Color Multifunction Showerheads
A new look for Seaside 641 Hydrospa by Teuco
Nauha by Teuco: the pureness of contemporary shapes embraces flowing water
Vismaravetro at Cersaie 2011
Suit by Teuco: unlimited design solutions, customised and made to measure
Stand Marazzi group
Marazzi and Hatria: spotlight on urban ceramics
Chio and Venis exclusive projects inspired by nature
Trend Stone Gres
Jacuzzi® is present at Cersaie 2011
Single Fired Wall Tiles
Decorated colored body Porcelain
Aura whirlpool bath
Series Lirica
Colosseum by Lord
Pietra del Nord: natural identity
Riverstone by Tiffany
Novoceram launches a new application on facebook : the passion project
Rondine group is green
Cersaie 2011, Sadon presents the smallest size, as well as three new collections
Dream by Ceramiche Keope: the purity of stone, a protagonist of living
Precioustone, with Antolini stones become as precious as jewels
Antolini: nature tells about itself
Natura collection
Link Mosaico+
Ceramica sant'agostino_pearl collection
Ceramica Sant'Agostino collezione chic
Clad with colours and décors
Collection Sento Cersaie 2011
New vintage
Ceramica Sant'agostino_concept collection
Pillart collection by Mauro Bellei
Cersaie 2011: six collections for rondine’s 50th anniversary
mosaics Crono Giugiaro design
Porcelain stoneware Luxos
Ceramica sant'agostino_externa collection
Catalano. Bathroom design in business culture
ABSOLUTE – new black floor tiles for superior elegance
fir italia all inside
Catalano in Cersaie 2011
Bisazza at Cersaie 2011: two faces, one spirit
A kerasan-labelled bentley on show at the Cersaie
Collection Aqua Sense Cersaie 2011
Collection Ametis Cersaie 2011
Ceramica sant'agostino_nature collection
Yellow by Simas
New country
Now with rectified finish
Kerasan retro’ to recover precious ceramic
Cento... Colours for a kerasan bathroom
Cersaie: show of the new styles of living
Look by Majorca
Mood di Lord
I QUADRI by Fratelli Frattini
Planet and ML from SCARABEO
Cisal Rubinetterie
Gamma Due takes Hello Kitty to Downtown
Past and future. Respect and recovery. Usefulness and beauty. Thinking is also doing.
Brandoni shows its Made in Italy at AbitaMi tradeshow in Milan
O’Clock It’s time for water
COMPASSO d'ORO for LAB 03 by Kos
Dynamica, an icon of our times
The fountain of Atlantis again protagonist at the Cersaie fair in Bologna
SICIS opens its doors in the city that bridges the West and the East:shop in shop inaugurated in Istanbul, May 2011
Stone, tradizione all’avanguardia!
The Bio-ethanol fireplaces and the radiators designed by GrittiRollo for Brandoni on stage at Good Design Gallery
EXPO Revestir: color and enthusiasm from Sao Paulo!
Cover, new bathroom furniture that is a throwback to the 1970s
Refin studio: Meetings with the project
Skema modular fireplace
News 2010 by Antonio Lupi
Gaia: Waterfall Sensation
MDF Italia new Cristalplant®partner for 2011 Design Contest
Splendida by Fap ceramiche: for anyone, in fact for everyone!
Visionary by Fap ceramiche: mad about colour!
Brillante: incredible, it’s ceramic!
Here come the new SHUI countertop washbasins by Ceramica Cielo
Zucchetti.Kos Group launches the new collection Morphing
The '100% made in Italy' Maison
The GREENTHINKING project of Ceramiche Keope obtains the new ANAB ICEA Certification
Magic box by Ceramica Cielo
Dome: an interpretation of style
Ciottolato by Ceramiche Keope: the appeal of tradition!
Refreshment guaranteed: Why it's on our minds: drinking water
Cotto d’Este News
News Supergres
Meg 11 by ceramica galassia
News Azzurra Ceramica
Mosaico+ news 2010 - 2011
The new collection Ideal Standard
Ceramic flooring with an automatic clip
FINALLY…NUDO ST Rubinetterie showcases NUDO (nude), the new vision of “flows”…
Shark. Electronic conscious collection
Water, soap, V&B: Villeroy & Boch supports Global Handwashing Day 2010
Inda: the power of design, the pleasure of comfort
ACQUAPURA wall-mounted built-in shower panel
VENEZIA - 2009 design by Matteo Thun and A. Rodriguez
The shower world by ceramica cielo
Cement “finished applications”art direction: gabriella Ciaschi
News Moab80 2010
The store windows at la Rinascente in Milan will be taken over by Elle Decor HOME
A “Precious” home for all
NEW CODE DESIGN - TREND PRESENTS 'WALKIN 'ON GLASS', the eco-design project by JoeVelluto JVLT
Abitare il tempo: preview Citco
The new liberty by Trend
Samo: 50th birthday
Desani choose Comet to have supply for its own sanitary turn key plant in Portugal.
Vintage galore!
Enlargement of range at cersaie exclusive
Profilpas: new supports for sales
The new PAO SPA series
Essenza collection
A breath of sleek modernity to your bathroom
Newform Life: throwing a look at the future of living
The Cover collection
A new look for the Urban Chic line
Modular solutions - Design: Marc Sadler, 2009
Bathroom lighting - design: Marc Sadler, 2009
KRIT - Design: Marc Sadler, 2009
Kalla - Design: Marc Sadler, 2009
Chic! Outside Design: Marc Sadler, 2009
Chic! Inside, Design: Marc Sadler, 2009
Thermostatic collection SUITE
New Philo series
Branchetti PROJECT: a unique project, three declinations of style
The shower ambient of Boxart exclusive and incredible versatile
split01 – The new line of shower enclosures
Mosaico+ calls and doubles.
Galassia, Peonies, an explorer of years ago
The democratic luxury meg + mod + shower tray
Diva by Daniel Rubinetterie S.p.a
Galassia 2009 - feelings
Tracce: Naturally ceramic.
Stones 2.0: the force of nature
X-TECH from Ceramica Cielo: design and fashion experiments in ceramics.
Parquet: hi-tech performance that’s kind to the environment
Sculpture effect for the new SHUI washbasins from Ceramica Cielo.
Faraway is the first collection launched by Zucchetti.Kos as a Group.
FARAWAY. bathroom collection
COVER: a cutting‐edge project for a bathroom you’ll want to live in
Total bathroom RELAIS
Ridea - Cersaie 2009
Ancient and ultra modern. Surely Uniqua
The Neutra project
Cementodiluna® finished applications
Moonlight, the new luminescent mosaic by Aquileia.
Light-Pro – Slim tiles to renovate without demolishing
Samo Shower accessories
The Circle project
Samo new products 2010
ADMIRATION Pure elegance, exclusive charm.
Moby and Molly: Projects in motion
New interpretation in terms of a design combined with functionality
Laminam at Cersaie 2009
Glass doors and panels by Teuco
Bios glazed porcelain
Sicis a magical flight around the galaxy
Music for the ears, pampering for the skin: the new 640 seaside Hydrospa by Teuco complete with ipod
Catalano at Cersaie 2009
The aquasoul product range is enriched with the new models, corner 140 and corner an unmistakable weelness
Hydrosonic and hydrosilence: making Teuco hydromassage truly unique
Design and innovation within new aesthetics of wellness
Lucky Color, Lucky, revolutionize the traditional concept of bathtub
Accessories in chromed brass Karre’
Luxury Bathrooms & Hotels Innovation Victory
Del Conca sets the pace with tiles from formula 1
XL, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Il Bagnoalessi One
Brandoni in the Reality of “ Casa Colombo”
Soffio by Webert
Rubinetteria Webert at Cersaie 2009
Open combination by Samo
Regal the new shower columns
Sanitary-ware collection Mascolo
Villeroy & Boch at Cersaie 2009
Pan+, an extension of the Pan collection
Ideal standard presents ventuno and step collections
Aessenzial, The essential difference.
Cersaie 2009: Althea ceramica, The Cover collection
The Rover collection
collection S50 by VitrA
Rock & Roll, the radiator thought and drawn by Karim Rashid
Cersaie 2009: Bowl-depht 37: an oval of thirty-seven centimetres deep, in three different widths
Ludovica & Roberto Palomba conceived of Pan
Summer 2009: a longing for the sea, for escape, for something different.......for Milos
White Addiction: EGON
Wilmotte collection for Teuco. A coordinated, designer bathroom
Hera sanitary
Ceramica Sant’Agostino's just opened its Flagship Store in Foshan, China
Isy is a system that speaks the language of simplicity
For style in small spaces. It’s Easy Small
Ceramiche Caesar up-dates its Tecnolito range
Tufo d'arredo
Redox by Majorca
Teuco design and well-being meet in the shower
Bellagio is more than a simple tap
Limited Edition: X-SENSE – Gold and Swarovski
The new collection ELLE
CONGAS a musical bathroom
Oh!: the subtlety of luxury
Stream collection by Caesar
White Fashion: X-SENSE – Pearl White
Texlite colour-through porcelain
Gran Sasso by Majorca
It’s here “furniture&ceramicS solutions” by Althea
Aguablu by Zucchetti
Travertino romano scanalato
Trend is the new series of mixers by Zazzeri
Paris.. The appeal of a timeless city.
Furniture collection by Pozzi Ginori
Majorca SpA is presenting Outback
TOTAL LIGHT shower heads
Soft is a delicate way of interpreting life and living spaces
Hoesch Water Lounge celebrates its premiere at ISH
Fap Ceramiche presents its new “Fap+” collection of ceramic accessories
Y-CON kitchen mixers
Traccia New washbasins by GSI
“More Colors”: six new colours to complete the More
Gold Addiction.. Sparkling and matt gold
Seaside 640 hydrospa: wellness and design in an outdoor version
Washbasins Grandangolo
Pietra Vicentina porcelain stoneware
The Egg collection, designed for Pozzi-Ginori by Antonio Citterio
Feel… also on 60X120
Mosaic Ann Sofie
Geometric design and contemporary style, for the new OPERA washbasins
Riflessi by Ragno
LINEA BATHTUBS & WHIRLPOOLS: an ergonomic and aesthetic combination
UNLIMITED SYSTEM – the incredible potential of duralight®
Depth washbasins by Ceramica Globo
X-TOUCH Bathroom and kitchen mixers
LOSANGA collection extends its range..
Monolith BY Marazzi
Freedom, flexibility, independence – the SingleBath is fully in
Starlight by Edilgres
GRANITOKER - Maxima Series
FLUX bathroom mixers
Change collection by Caesar
Drop / Batlò, touch the colour
SMILE: the novelty of Ceramica Cielo signed by Nilo Gioacchini
Charme collection by Acif
Fusion Q collection
Bongio – Soffi collection
Porcelain tile Multiline
The 156 shower: the line of new generation shower stalls expands
Random Series by Mipa
Materie collection by Marazzi
Cupido: fall in love with your bathroom
Mosaic Ann Sofie
Integra, glamour in the “made in Glass” shower cabin
L Shower Under
Absolute has been added to with the new large
SOFT SYSTEM – the beauty of natural stone
The new Basaltina by Ceramiche Coem is defined by its modern feel
The new Cocktail washbasin collection
GRANITOKER - Loft Series
HOESCH Wellness and healthiness in your own bathroom
Docciabella shower tray
The new tubs are called Kendra, Kalima and Kipu
D.B.S. Digital Bathroom System
Canapa collection by Acif
Pietre High-Tech Ariostea: the elegance of nature
kompakta porcelain stoneware
Modo and Modality by GSI
Kama: dwelling metamorphosis
Hidden elegance (of a sea-urchin): wabi.
Hi-Line Collection by Ragno
Gemstone by Marazzi
Contemporary classics Erika pro
Almenoindue, collection nesting
The wood finishing Ann Sofie
Diamond by Ceramiche Piemme
23-27 March 2010, Mostra Convegno Expocomfort riches its 37th edition.
Another BRICK in the warm
Stand Marazzi Group
Cersaie 2008: The 383 combination shower-tub is born, created for the needs of the entire family
Zig Zag design Moreno Corvini
Shape I Design Michael Schmid
Inda, preview Cersaie 2008
Plate Design Pino Montalti
Ceramica Cielo, preview Cersaie 2008
Hey joe! in black and LoveMe in white
Fap mosaics: teeny-tiny ceramics is a great idea
Porcelain stoneware Le Argille
Peace Hotel I Design Paola Navone
TD color design Furio Minuti
clock work taps series for bathroom
Bol, design Giulio Iacchetti
New Light I Falper Design
UNDER by Luca Papini with Gabriele Tira
Collection Flagstone
Duravit extends the Bathroom_Foster range
“DIAMOND” Line (Solid porcelain stoneware)
"Jeans" for the bathroom
Q’In. The beauty of bathroom
Fap Ceramiche’s new Rubacuori collection…let beauty in!
Ponsi, unmistakable italian style
Panzani and Sassi in Confindustria
“CHOROS” Line solid coloured glazed porcelain stoneware
Duravit immerses the bathroom in light and colour
BELMONDO by Maurizio Duranti
Contemporanea by Casa Dolce Casa
Cersaie 2008: Plano by Cesana
ONLYONE by Lorenzo Damiani
The Pietre collection by Casa dolce casa
Nido sanitaryware
They’re paying us to save water!
Elisa the ecological answer to save while heating
MARILYN Curvy lines for a star stove
JACQUES®: more than a barbecue, a work of art The pleasure of cooking outdoors
Matteo Thun presents Water Jewels for VitrA
HOTTY small size gigantic perfomances
Ross Lovegrove presents "VitrA MOD"
Nicole sanitary ware collection
Absolute, Caesar's porcelain stoneware
Crystal wash basins collection
EASY STONE An increasingly modern ecological project
Amour...love at first sight between colour and design for the new proposal of Fap Ceramiche
Ceramica Althea innovating the bathroom with Outline
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