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 News 25/11/2010
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Cover, new bathroom furniture that is a throwback to the 1970s

Like a song that was popular at some time in the past and - in a new arrangement and sung by a new voice - becomes a new hit, Cover, the new bathroom furniture collection proposed by Regia is a throwback to the fashionable high-end atmospheres of the 1970s, revisited with a contemporary flair that bears the signature of designer Bruna Rapisarda. Thanks to a distinctive style that puts the emphasis on curved and convex shapes, two slabs of livintech® “enrobe” the washbasin and endow it with a strong formal identity: the upper portion consists of a top with built-in basin and the lower part serves as a formal complement to, and creates an interesting contrast with, the container module. Particularly effective is the “Cover bicolor” version, where the pure white hue of the livintech® resin stands out against the body structure, whether in the version shown here with Canaletto walnut finish or with a glossy, turtledove-coloured lacquered finish. The drawer under the basin, essential and without handles (replaced by a slot running along the top edge of the front panel) is made from aluminium and uses interior partitions made from glass: for messy people, or neatness maniacs, the inner space of the drawer can be organised, on request, with removable trays partitioned into sections. To optimise the interior space of the bathroom, Cover offers several furniture solutions.
The washbasin cabinet can be had in various sizes; while its depth is always 50 cm, there is a choice of five widths: 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 cm (the last version features two basins and two drawers). Besides the washbasin cabinet, Cover offers a full range of coordinated complements available in many different sizes, all of them extremely functional: wall cabinet, wall-mounted container column, base cabinet with drawers, laundry basket, stools, bench, shelves, mirrors (including a version with built-in magnifying glass and a version equipped with hi-fi sound system and MP3 music player). Everything is inspired by a finely balanced elegance for a choice that gets across a feeling of comfort and reassurance with its soft, wraparound shapes. “I had been thinking of this project for a long time – says designer Bruna Rapisarda – but was unable to give it tangible form until our partners responsible for fashioning the resin slabs perfected new moulding techniques that made it possible to obtain the shapes that now make up the Cover model. It is not uncommon to pursue an objective for a very long time, working behind the wings, before the result one has in mind can be attained. But instinct and enthusiasm for the challenge eventually rewarded us with a furniture range that is fully attuned to the current mood”. Cover is an unprecedented, original proposal that can appeal to a widely diversified target.
Cover, new bathroom furniture that is a throwback to the 1970s
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