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 News 22/09/2011
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iSpa Biodesign

The future, so full of technology and complexity is not frightening if its forms are not alien to man but inspired by biology, and insofar friendly and empathetic. The “I” takes center stage in the project: the design of Gessi becomes "Biodesign".
The iSpa project fosters a more human-centric approach to designing objects and develops a concept of "visual simplicity" with a concept of "Biodesign", which is morphologically simple and organic, as inspired by biological forms.
The stylistic feature of the collection is a rectangular shape made smooth by corners rounded as smoothed by the water itself. This is a friendly and reassuring form easily felt as one’s own, pleasing to the eye and to the touch.
Gessi attains the result of a design with an edge yet not radical: the glamorous minimalism of Gessi is softened and acquires a new charm.
With iSpa Gessi realizes for the first time a Collection designed from the very project for the complete furnishing of a bathroom; in fact it spans from the faucets proposed in numerous high-tech models, to accessories, wellness systems, ceramic-ware, mirrors, up to the first bath tub designed and manufactured by Gessi.
Elegant but not blasé, iSpa’s language is rather empathic and communicative; simple shapes inspire confidence with the collection objects – their soft, sculptural and pleasantly rounded looks produce strong tactical attraction and communicate the relaxed sophistication and absolute serenity of a personal spa to each bathroom.
With its substantially formal perfection, the iSpa mixer calls to mind the idea of an architectural work; the well-engineered interplay of proportions between a lean base and a wide surface on the tap mouth makes the metal plate look lighter and somewhat suspended, with water oozing out of thin air.
Likewise, controls are minimal – a soft-touch mixer either electronic or fashioned like a sleek joystick, allows easy adjustment of the water flow and temperature.
In the electronic version of the mixer, the distribution of water is activated by a soft touch of the mixer button. At every use of the tap, this latter invariably distributes cold water, so that the boiler is not ignited and energy is saved. The desired temperature of water is reached by rotating the mixer button. Its light enhanced base of the button signals the actual temperature of water by shining in all the shades between blue and red. The capacity can be reduced or augmented by pressing and rotating the mixer button. A double touch of the button commands the immediate delivery of mixed water, a threefold touch of the button commands hot water. If the button is pushed continuously for some seconds the tap turns into a stand by mode, for 30 seconds signalled by a pulsating green light; during this time the tap can be cleaned without its activation.
Similarly to all Gessi programmes, iSpa is inspired by an idea of extreme customisation of the modern bathroom, a place for an aesthetically and functionally rewarding experience representing the owner’s personality, the “I” (ego) recalled by the collection name and around which the environment has been designed.

Design: Prospero Rasulo for Gessi.
Brass – ware : Chromed Brass. Finishing: Chrome, Chrome with white corian insert.
Ceramic ware: white ceramic.
Basins : ceramic, crystalplant. Color: white.
iSpa Biodesign
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