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 News 27/10/2010
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News 2010 by Antonio Lupi


design Victor Vasilev
antoniolupi, going on its journey in the design world together with young people, for Cersaie 2010 suggests its project MOST carried out in cooperation with Victor Vasilev, one of the three winners of the Dressed Stone 2010 competition. Most expresses a minimalism and an extreme purism of shapes, where design looks for the essence of material. The steel of the structure becomes a prevailing element that mixes uninterruptedly with the top made of Corian. The bridge structure is made of lacquered stainless steel and thanks to the technology by antoniolupi and its capability to work in a customised way; its length is changeable from 72 to 180 cm. This project is fitted out with a lower shelf made of wood essence, lacquered wood, Corian and crystal and is completed with a practical towel rack in the front part of the structure. The top can hold all the over the top wash-basins as well as the built-in wash-basins of the antoniolupi collection. The new white siphon SINTESI is particularly elegant and perfectly matches with the structure..


design Carlo Colombo
It is easy to complicate, it is difficult to simplify. If you want to complicate you simply have to add, anything you want: colours, forms, actions, decorations, characters, rooms full of things. Anyone is able to complicate. Few people are able to simplify. If you want to simplify you have to take and if you want to take out you have to know what to take. Taking, instead of adding, means to acknowledge the essence of things and to communicate them in their essentiality. Bruno Munari Carlo Colombo took inspiration from this idea to draw the new system Lunaria. It is a piece of furniture that is characterised by the absence of visible handles that are replaced by a “throat”, which turns all around the piece of furniture, as well as by an aesthetical aspect that aims at making the door opening be easier. This collection consists of hanging elements (h. 37,5 and 50 cm with minimum and maximum widths equal to 45 and to 216, respectively) as well as of free standing elements (45x45 h. 85 cm), several wood essences and opaque and polished lacquered colours (as per the set of samples). At the fair the sink BLOCCO, designed by Carlo Colombo, is made of CARRARA MARBLE and can be combined with the other furnishing programs. Measures: 45x45xh.15,5 cm.


Design AL Studio

One of the peculiarity of antoniolupi is that it knows how to test and to work with newer and newer materials with different typologies and origins; at Cersaie 2010 it shows new wash-basins made of WHITE ALABASTER. Alabaster is a mineral with a chalky or calcite origin, the white one is the most precious kind and in Italy it exists in the areas of VOLTERRA. This alabaster is considered as a very precious one for its characteristics of compactness, transparency, vein pattern, hardness and tactility. Since it is a material easy to be worked, in the XXI° century B.C. the Phoenicians were the first ones to use it, alabaster was used to manufacture vases, cups, animals, columns, figures, boxes, etc. For the first time, thanks to antiolupi’s creativity, alabaster has the shape of a wash-basin for bath furnishings. Pila wash-basins and PIATTO wash-basin are sculpted with this wonderful semitransparent mineral.

Collection of wash-basins made of Ceramilux

Design Mario Ferrarini

Water has not a precise form, each drop is different one from the other one, water has no corner, water is pure. These elements are those that inspired the designer Mario Ferrarini when he had to draw the collection of these five models of wash-basins. Dune, Canyon, Servo, Girogiro and Omega, which are characterised by thin thickness and harmonic shapes, are made of Ceramilux, a material that makes it possible to obtain these unusual profiles for the more classical pottery.


wash-basin made of Ceramilux, 2010 It is a supporting wash-basin in addition to the Dune bath. This project starts from a simple, harmonic, smooth and comfortable mark, with no corner and on a human scale. It is made of Ceramilux with a diameter of 49 h 14/17,8 cm Dune, thanks to its inhomogeneous shape, can be rotated and orientated by the users as they like before fixing it on the top and it can assume several configurations.


wash-basin made of Ceramilux 2010 Canyon is the illustrative name for this original wash-basin made of Ceramilux that is drawn willingly irregular since its uncontrollable but elegantly harmonious development is clearly inspired by nature. With these reference images, the basin of the wash-basin is sculptured as if it was worn by water over the time determining a special effect that turns to be a natural decoration when it is filled or emptied. It is available in the size 56x45 h 12,5cm.

wash-basin made of Ceramilux 2010 It is an elegant collection of supporting wash-basins available in four different sizes and characterised by a strong and rounded thickness as well as by the strongly inclined sides. The circular version can, upon the user’s choice, be placed at 45° changing the image itself of the wash-basin. It is available in Ceramilux in the following versions: Servo35 35x35x h 12,5 Servo45 45x45 h 15, Servo54 54x40x h 15, Servo63 63x45x h15


wash-basin made of Ceramilux, 2010 This basin has generous sizes and is made of Ceramilux; it has an unusual triangular shape studied in order to be placed in two different ways changing its composition. It is available in the size 63x42x12,5 (h)


wash-basin made of Ceramilux, 2010 It is seemingly hanging, as if it licks the top it is based on. This racy built-in wash-basin is available in the following sizes 63x40 h cm and 81x40 h 4,2/14 cm

KOMODO - A new finish made of glazed pottery

Chosing the furnishing and fixtures is a significant choice for your bathroom style. Their design can be even different, but you appreciate them more if they are coordinated. More and more often baths and wash-basins are made of innovative materials such as Corian and Cristalplant, that are the new technologically advanced components with an opaque aspect, antoniolupi offers Komodo in an innovative glazed finish that perfectly matches with wash-basins and baths made of Cristalplant and Corian. Komodo toilet and bidet are showed in the hanging version and distinguish themselves for their moderate and compact sizes, but are aesthetically linear and elegant. Komodo hanging toilet is made of opaque pottery with wall drain, equipped with a removable and enveloping seat made of thermosetting resin with a rubbing hinge “soft-close” system. It is a single-hole bidet made of opaque pottery and hanging with a wall drain. The siphon is a built-in one (art. MICRO) equipped with a basin with a clikclak pressure drain. Sizes: 54 x h.42,5 x l.36 cm IL
News  2010 by Antonio Lupi
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