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 News 29/04/2011
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Stone, tradizione all’avanguardia!

Stone returns with a bang.
After stunning visitors at the past 2010 Cersaie fair, Stone by Mastro Fiore finally arrives on the market.

Long-awaited by its admirers, but also by those who have merely heard about it, the latest product from Mastro Fiore Mobili is now set to win over even the most demanding and sceptical of customers.
Love at first sight.
Stone does not require special introduction; the images speak for themselves. The most refined details, highest-quality materials and elegant forms offer the best possible introduction.
Displaying a natural alabaster top, Stone is crafted exclusively by hand; no two pieces will ever be quite the same.
A 24-volt LED system,with an IP68 protection rating, is positioned beneath the stone and enhances the natural effect of the top.


From alabaster to glass
Another distinctive feature of this latest project by Mastro Fiore lies in the washbasin positioned above the top. Made of handcrafted luminescent blown glass, it absorbs light and then re-emits it in the dark for up to 12 hours.
The end result is magical.


The counter top
Stone takes care of all the details.The counter top is made of wood and is available in 12 different finishes grouped into three versions: natural, brushed and trend.

One of the distinctive features of the Stone range includes options for creating a customized product. Customers can select the:
- stone processing (natural or strip-like) and colour (white or black).
- glass finish: transparent photoluminescent, transparent photoluminescent with white vein or transparent photoluminescent with black vein.
- finishes of the counter top.
- size.

Dress your bathroom with Stone and light up your moments of relaxation!

Stone, tradizione all’avanguardia!
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