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 News 26/09/2013
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New elements of Le Giare collection

CIELO presents the new elements of Le Giare collection, already awarded with many international awards and now enriched by the oval extra large bathtub, the on top washbasin and the urinal
CIELO - productive reality of excellence in which the recovery of the Italian manufacturing tradition, combined with the most advanced technological research, creates collections of contemporary bathroom design that encapsulate the uniqueness of handmade - expands its prestigious collection Le Giare, signed by the architect Claudio Silvestrin, with the oval extra large bathtub, the on top washbasin, the urinal and the mirror, that complete the line composed of wall-hung and freestanding washbasins, wall-hung and back to wall sanitary fittings realized in 100% Made in Italy ceramic of the highest quality.
Born from the combination of an accurate design research and an innovative approach applied to the materials and shapes selection, as well as the manufacturing processes, Le Giare is available in glossy white, glossy black, stone, anthracite finishes and in the newest colors of the exclusive "Terre di CIELO" inspired by the natural elements: Basalto, Brina, Pomice, Talco, Cacao, Tabacco, Arenaria, Tufo, Muschio, Salvia, Agave, Limo.
In particular, the extra large Le Giare bathtub is a unique product, a real sculpture with natural and harmonious shapes, which finds its highest expression when placed freestanding.
Result of declination of Silvestrin line’s original compositive theme, presents curves that expand generously and turn bath time into a suggestive experience.
The important dimensions of the bathtub (190 x 122 cm the size of the smallest model) make it a design product at the same time comfortable and with a strong personality, result of a balanced fusion between formal freedom and respect of functional requirements. Made in Livintech, has a large and useful shelf on one side, usable for soaps and for environments perfumes.
Le Giare on top washbasin complete the collection following the sculptural shape and chromatic proposals of the other elements butlaying it down on the top of a shelf or furniture, to which can also be hooked the mixer. The two geometrical elements join together contrasting two volumes almost opposite but complementary at the same time. The soft and sinuous shape of the bowl is juxtaposed to the plan linearity of the support surface where would find space any other furnishing.
Manufactured with the best italian ceramic, the wall-hung urinal Le Giare debuts in the company production becoming a design object that takes part in the bathroom configuration, not exclusively for public environments. Consistently with the formal features distinguishing the entire Silvestrin’s project, simplicity and rigor of lines create harmonious circular shapes inserted in the oval outer perimeter to create a geometric composition that surprise for its unique textures and seduce for its originality. Further evidence of the company commitment in respect of the environment protection and preservation, the urinal is been developed to allow a high water savings during the use.
Finally, the elegant oval mirror completes the line placing side by side in a perfect harmony all the elements of the collection and giving the bathroom a unified image, a rigorous and welcoming atmosphere at the same time thanks to the original design that stands out from the usual formal solutions.
Incessant the success of the collection in the conquest of prestigious international awards: from the nomination for the German Design Award 2013 to Good Design Award 2012, from the inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2012 until the achievement of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012. All awards that show the Company's ability to express efficiently its constant drive for quality design, custom finishes and attention to every detail, hallmarks of a production that does not neglect an evolved craftsmanship and far away from homologation.
This is possible through the constant commitment that CIELO dedicates to research and development of unique solutions that combine design, functionality and innovative aesthetics, echoing a mindstyle deeply tied to the productive tradition of its territory and design quality of industrial products for the bathroom.
New elements of Le Giare collection
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