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 News 26/09/2013
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The urinals created by 5.5 Designers

CIELO collections have been further extended to include 3 unprecedented and extroverted protagonists: the urinals created by 5.5 Designers
CIELO - productive reality of excellence in which the recovery of the Italian manufacturing tradition, combined with the most advanced technological research, creates collections of contemporary bathroom design that encapsulate the uniqueness of handmade - now renews its collaboration with the 5.5 Designers by presenting the new urinals SLOT, BALL and MINI BALL.
CIELO's know-how teams up with the creative flair of the 5.5 Designers for the second time to shape a new generation of urinals endowed with great personality and a sense of irony. 
Products of a versatile design based on pure geometric shapes, which reconciles french creativity with the quality of Italian craftsmanship to confer an original bathroom atmosphere for both contract and residential projects.
Unquestioned protagonists of the international design scene, for CIELO this team of young designers has interpreted an object of everyday use, of amazingly original aesthetic appeal and presented in three versions:
-       SLOT, presented in the floor-standing version, is a monolithic block, a sculptural totem furrowed by a deep curvilinear groove. Dimensions 30 x 23 x 147h cm;
-       BALL, in the wall-hung version, has the appearance of an ironic sculpture with a soft, generously proportioned and clean-cut shape generated by the geometry of a circle. Dimensions 54 x 32 x 59h cm;
-       MINI BALL, the other wall-hung version, has the same formal characteristics as BALL but in smaller dimensions: 47 x 24 x 50h cm.
All made from excellent Italian ceramic, the three urinals are available in the finishes of glossy white, glossy black, stone, anthracite and colour. The latter description refers to the new “Terre di CIELO” colour range, fruit of a meticulous and laborious research carried out by the company in the course of the last year. A palette inspired by natural elements, which reinterprets all of the ceramic design products signed by CIELO through 12 new colours and an unprecedented tactile sensation: Basalto, Brina, Pomice, Talco, Cacao, Tabacco, Arenaria, Tufo, Muschio, Salvia, Agave, Limo.
Exclusive finishes that are worthy of a company strategy based on manufacturing excellence and the added value of Italian craftsmanship as well as the particular characteristics of ceramic material, one that is deeply rooted in the manufacturing tradition of the Civita Castellana district, where the company has its headquarters in Fabrica di Roma.
The ironic and extroverted language of 5.5 Designers not only provides a counterpoint to the traditional shape of the urinal, but also focuses greatly on comfort, as well as ensuring maximum functionality and care-free assembly and cleaning operations. As further proof of the company’s commitment to safeguarding the environment, the urinals have been designed in such a way as to allow for greatly reduced water consumption during use. 
The urinals created by 5.5 Designers
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