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 News 27/09/2013
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At cersaie 2013 “Milo Manara, the rooms of desire”

The seductive feminine figures of Milo Manara will grace Del Conca's new collections – debuting at Cersaie 2013 – and will be sure to attract crowds of visitors at “The rooms of desiredisplay in The Del Conca Space at the Exhibition Centre.
A three-year agreement with the world-famous cartoonist – who is entering the world of ceramics with this exclusive license – will allow Del Conca to set up the traditional art exhibition, dedicated this year to Manara's heroines, in the Group's spaces at Cersaie. This year's display, in reality, will be more than a traditional art show. It will be an exciting trip into the universe Milo Manara. The exhibition will be developed in succession across several areas, where visitors can experience – through original figures and digital images – an imaginary and extravagant world inhabited by enchanting and captivating women.
Milo Manara will also be the special guest at “meet the artist” on Tuesday 24 September at 3 p.m. at the Del Conca Group Space.
The collaboration agreement recently signed by Del Conca Group and Manara envisions a series of tile collections inspired by the seductive figures of this Master from Verona. This will be a complete collection, where eyes, mouths and sensuous profiles chase one another in the tiles through a skillful mix of colors and nuances, thanks to the use of the highest level of digital technology made available to the sketch art of one of the most venerated comic book artists of the last 40 years.
Milo Manara’s matchless ability to draw sexy heroines with his pencil shows us how eroticism is primarily a matter of imagination and fantasy.
The collection envisions two series of decorative tiles.The first, particularly fascinating collection portrays the alternating faces of his most famous heroines. So the intense look of Molly whose freckled face attracts the full attention of onlookers gives way to the motion created as Miele lets her hair loose, passing to the slightly pursed lips of Gulliveriana in one of the last scenes from the famous comic. The quality of the sketches almost makes us feel the slight breeze playing with their hair as a single, eloquent gaze conveys the anguish and happiness of his heroines.
The second series of decorative tile, decidedly more spirited, is a veritable comic strip taken from the imaginary and daring travels of Gulliveriana.
The entire collection will be the centerpiece of one of the most beautiful areas of the Del Conca Group stand. Developed on 20x50 tile, the collection envisions various subjects and colors, which can be combined to create sophisticated strips that go well with elegant solid colors like white, peach, light blue and green. In addition to the decorative listellos, a square panel with a particularly audacious and intriguing feminine figure completes the collection.
Moreover, the Group's new collections will be presented at the Del Conca Space, especially the new colors and sizes of Del Conca Fast, the innovative system for dry laying floor tiles. This one-of-a-kind system makes it possible to create a whole new floor that is immediately walkable in just a few hours. Del Conca Fast is ideal for quick renovations where changing the look of a room with new flooring becomes a piece of cake: just move the furniture from one side of the room to the other as you go!
In the large Del Conca Events Area there will be installation demonstrations and it will be possible to try it out in person since installation doesn’t require adhesives or grout and can be done quickly with no mess.
After the great success of last year, the system has expanded to include a 20x80 cm size and two new porcelain stoneware collections created with the use of digital technology: FORMA Fast cement effect tiles, in line with the contemporary esthetic ideal, and SALOON Fast sophisticated and refined wood effect tiles.
At cersaie 2013 “Milo Manara, the rooms of desire”
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