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 News 09/09/2009
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Brandoni in the Reality of “ Casa Colombo”

Innovation, Nature and high technology gathered in Verona for Abitare il Tempo 2009, inside “Casa Colombo”, a very innovative project designed by the architect Carlo Colombo and realized by important collaborations such as the Brandoni one, the group leader in the production of design radiators and high efficiency PV modules.
A home where inside and outside became the same thing, where the heating and the energy find their space between water and earth.
Brandoni enrich a such particular design with Four Brandoni Solare Pv Modules, in multi-crystalline silicon, made by very high quality row materials, with 60 Q-cells cells.
The Modules are produced trough out a highly automated process exclusively designed for Brandoni Solare Spa, that ensure very high performances. The module is equipped with 60 3 bus bar cells by 6”, a 4mm tempered semi send solar glass in class U1 that let the module have an high mechanical resistance and an excellent energetic performance. During the production process the operator does never come in contact with the cells, granting the best condition and the best performances of the cell.
The BR modules are installed outside the House, in the garden area, on special fixing systems create        ad-hoc for the modules; they “virtually” collect all the energy that the house need. The interior design is characterized also by the Birmingham Brandoni radiator, a unique element of style and simplicity; a vertical chromed tube that raises from the earth to the sky for 1700 mm. A clean a modern line that reflects the minimal interior decoration style. The 3 Birmingham radiators that will take part to the project “Casa Colombo” have been chosen to donate to the house a new concept of simplicity and sophistication easy to be share with nowadays life style. 
A collaboration that match the creativity of an architect with the technology of a company inside a very prestigious event. The installation is settled in PAD 8 Booth 8.1.
Brandoni S.r.l., is an Italian firm, established in 1989 in Castelfidardo, Marche and in a short time, specializes in the manufacture of steel radiators and “towelrails” for home furnishing.
In few year, the firm awarded a big slice of radiator market, thanks to the creation of the “towelrail” radiator.
Facing the difficult problem about the steel radiator’s welding, he cleverly solved it by introducing as the first firm in the world the “welding tunnel in controlled atmosphere”, a particular machine conceived within the framework.
This machine enable to carry out a totally rollaway welding, so as to establish a high class and real refined product.
Brandoni is an organization with a significant entrepreneurial spirit, high-potential development and with advanced technical skills: through this important partnership, is going to be the number one in the solar energy field, especially in the production of photovoltaic modules in polycrystalline silicon.
The capacity to renew itself and to face the challenge of everyday life, let the president Cav. Luciano Brandoni to create a new company part of the group, dedicated to renewable energy.
Brandoni  in the Reality of  “ Casa Colombo”
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