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 News 28/10/2010
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Skema modular fireplace

Skema is a modular fireplace that is born from the desire to understand what is the right size for it to become a good project as well as a commercial success. This undefinable unknown factor becomes the project leitmotiv: a modular fireplace, an addable system of functional elements that can be endlessly developed from a minimum dimension, that is the opening of the fireplace, in order to meet any need, and the available spaces, of the users.

Skema’s functions are split and made be free, independent: it is possible to combine brazier, firewood case and open spaces as you like with customized and interchangeable solutions manufacturing a precisely made fireplace that is oriented on the right, on the left or centrally with spaces holding firewood and open spaces on both sides. It is built with accurate proportions and it is possible to assemble the modules over the brazier opening, too, and underneath for a vertical development of small spaces in particular.

A fireplace with ecological contents

Besides its beauty, Skema is characterized by contents focused on the respect for the environment. It is possible to install the fireplace with a “Connettivo” system, with heat pumps in order to heat the other rooms as well, or with the “Radiante” one coated with a ceramic material with a store of heat to be given off slowly eight hours after the fire blowing out.

The fully steel made fire box is equipped with a closure made of ceramic glass that can be removed for cleaning. The glass has not only the function of sparkle shield, but it also allows to consume less firewood/pellet still ensuring a high flame.

This project is meant as a programme of furniture that can be developed both horizontally and vertically with several finishes. It is fully made of steel, the outside can have a Corten finish or be black lacquered.
Skema modular fireplace
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