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 News 28/04/2011
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The Bio-ethanol fireplaces and the radiators designed by GrittiRollo for Brandoni on stage at Good Design Gallery

A very special Location, the one chose this year to host “Good Design Gallery”, the exhibition inside the Tortona Design Week circuit.
In the magnificent set of Galleria Anfiteatro Arte in Via Savona, the creativity and the commitment of four Designers create different situations inspired by “Good Design”.
Brandoni, also this year, doesn’t waste the opportunity to Be present in the international event of FuoriSalone in Milan. The company presents the new bio-ethanol fireplaces by GrittiRollo on the installation called “Warm Relax” designed by the two Architects inside the “Good Design Gallery”.

Warm Realx is a place” said Architects Stefano Gritti e Sofia Rollo, “warm and cosy where you can let yourself be snuggeld up, sitted or wrapped in a shell, along with the heat of the bio-ethanol fireplaces and  enjoy the freshness of the flame and the play of light creates on the mosaic wall and on the floor”.
Cone and Vesta are the two bio-ethanol fireplaces by Brandoni chosen to warm this installation, both are part of the design collection of the company. The model Cone is realized in light Oak, a smooth shape, sinuous and irregular that moves the flame with elegance and style. The fireplace is 47cm in heights and 105cm in width, with 80cm in depth.

Vesta Minor and Vesta Major are two eye-catching “fireplaces”: numerous wooden elements rise through the sky to protect the flame that exit from the stainless steel burner. Even in this case the wood become raw material, protecting the play of light of a flame, alive and precious. The Vesta minor is 64cm in Heights and 64cm in diameter while the Vesta Major is 88cm by 72cm. The possibility to use the fireplace both inside and outside, make those accessorizes really unique and flexible.

During this event Brandoni will show also one of the latest design radiator created, the model “Joints”. Studied to make precious the Spa area or the living, is a radiator made by the joint of two parts, the steel metal sheet, heating part of the radiator and the wooden shelves where lay towels, books and magazines. The perfect concept for those who are looking to match the warm with the surrounding environment.
The Bio-ethanol fireplaces and the radiators designed by GrittiRollo for Brandoni on stage at Good Design Gallery
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