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 News 06/10/2012
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Pietra nel mondo

A new collection thought to tell the natural richness of our planet, a story saw through the matter that more than others keeps the traces of the origin. A collection that celebrates places to protect, of inestimable beauty; places that are reminded to us by the name of ancient stones that in the new product Tagina create precious floors of big size. The collection Pietra del Mondo is characterized by surfaces of ancient look, signed by time, richly variegated, traced by hundreds of chromatic nuances; surfaces with soft touch, lightly irregular, pleasant to caress. As like the most recent Tagina creations, also Pietra del Mondo is available in the new sizes 92x92cm, 82x82cm and 61x61cm and in the high thickness variant Compact 20 destined to outdoor employments 
Pietra nel mondo
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