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 News 04/10/2012
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Collection: petrified tree

Imagine to get lost in a prehistoric forest completely fossilized. Trunks are undamaged but there is no more sap running through them. There are crystals of precious minerals filling the skeletons of raw petrified bark. The wood becomes a stone through the silicization process. This allows the organic materials settled in the trunk of the tree to become minerals (mostly quartz and silicates). Petrification takes place underneath the ground, when the trees are covered by sediments which prevent the oxygen from reaching them. Rain water, which is rich in salts, penetrates and flows down through the forest, giving the petrified wood further colours and shades. The wood gets a different colour and charm according to the nature of the territory where the petrification takes place.
The tree becomes a stone, while keeping the original structure of the bark and the wood, resulting in a precious product, which is a real miracle of nature. Elements such as manganese, iron, copper and contaminated quartz crystals give the petrified wood a variety of tones.
White lion, which contains smoky quartz, silicates and ferric oxides.
Beige tiger, which is made up of exotic minerals, iron and manganese.
Grey panther, which contains coal and cobalt.
To realize Petrified Tree we have taken high resoluton pictures of 50 fossilized wood blocks, capturing big images in order to obtain the finest details of marble crystallizations and wood veins and reproduce their original beauty. We have taken pictures of bark, trying to capture the details of its fibrous nature and keep the original colours and chromatic variations. The full hd digital technology allows us to faithfully reproduce all these details on the precious porcelain stoneware blocks.
The one reproduces the petrified bark with its natural crust and the flaking caused by the separation of some parts from it. In this case, a high protection mat enamel is used to absorb the light. The other faithfully reproduces the internal part of the petrified wood after lapping. The different density of the settled minerals gives a glossy or antiqued lapped surface. If the mineral is hard, the surface will be glossy, whereas if the mineral is fragile, there will be light and natural stripes. We have decided to realize rectangular blocks in order to improve the value of the graphic lay-out of the two different sizes available (45x90 and 30x60). It is very difficult to find big petrified wood blocks in nature. Our blocks are an accurate selection of the biggest ones we have found.
Notes: petrified forests can be seen in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Arizona and Asia.
Petrified Tree is available in 3 colours in 45x90, 30x60 cm formats for the Core finish and in 45x90, 15x90, 22.5x90, 30x60 cm for the Bark finish.
Mosaics and a vast range of decorations and special pieces complete the offering, allowing the utmost freedom of design, customising any type of room. 
Collection: petrified tree
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