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 News 05/10/2012
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Novoceram the new collection

The Ciment series was created out of an in-depth analysis of the material from which it takes its name, cement. Novoceram chose to give the collection the same name as the material which inspired it in order to highlight a fundamental aspect of the product: the faithful resemblance of this porcelain stoneware series to cement. The surface of the tile accurately reproduces the characteristic marks of this very trendy interior design material: on the one hand, the worn appearance and, on the other, the contemporary satin-finish surface full of small details.
To increase the similarity to the original material, Ciment adds a new format to the range: 75x75 cm, a new tile size which is the fruit of the company’s production capacity and technological innovation. This large format confers on Ciment a further note of contemporaneity and realism bringing it even closer to the material which inspired it: cement slabs cast in metal moulds.
Even the colours were carefully selected from the many possible hues of cement. The greys were designed to obtain extremely precise shades varying from the warmest to the coldest. Novoceram added its own stylistic touch reinterpreting the hues of cement and offering a traditional colour: terracotta. Ciment Cotto gives a touch of originality offering this modern material in a colour which recalls the traditional working of clay.
TECHNOLOGY: porcelain stoneware coloured in body
COLOURS: Ciment Cendre, Ciment Chrome, Ciment Cotto, Ciment Gris, Ciment Ivoire, Ciment Métal
FORMATS: 45x45 cm and 45x45 rectified, 60x60 cm rectified, 75x75 cm rectified
DECORATIONS AND SPECIAL ITEMS: mosaics, skirting board, steps
Orage is mainly intended for outdoor use. It is inspired by a Burgundy stone hand-worked and chiselled to make it non-slip. Structure has the starring role in the Orage collection and gives the product all its character. It can be recognised by the “chisel marks” on a rough but discreet surface which gives a contemporary feel to this series and allows the full beauty of the structure to be seen.
Orage comes in 4 colours with 4 easy-to-remember names which reflect the actual hues of the tile: Orage Matin is a pale ivory; Orage Midi corresponds to a warm gold; Orage Soir is a dark beige; and Orage Nuit is a deep dark grey.
TECHNOLOGY: porcelain stoneware coloured in body
COLOURS: Orage Matin, Orage Midi, Orage Soir, Orage Nuit
FORMATS: 30x30 cm and 45x45 cm, 30x60 cm
DECORATIONS AND SPECIAL ITEMS: mosaic, skirting board, steps

For the Vertige collection, Novoceram began its research from a very trendy material which is greatly valued in contemporary architecture for its aesthetic value: coloured resin. Vertige uses its soft, smooth appearance offering it in a high-performance and high-resistance porcelain stoneware. The surface of the tile is characterised by a play of matt and shiny reflections which gives great deepness to the product through a three-dimensional effect. Thanks to the 60x60 format which makes it possible to reduce the number of grout joints, Vertige forms a floor with a harmonious and uniform surface.
Vertige comes in 4 contemporary colours and can be used to cover floors in residential and commercial spaces with undisputed elegance: Vertige Anthracite, Vertige Blanc, Vertige Gris and Vertige Taupe. In addition, the 2 mosaics with 3 and 6 columns make it possible to customise projects with originality and refinement.
TECHNOLOGY: porcelain stoneware coloured in body
COLOURS: Vertige Anthracite, Vertige Blanc, Vertige Gris, Vertige Taupe.
FORMATS: 30x30 cm and 45x45 cm, 60x60 cm rectified
DECORATIONS AND SPECIAL ITEMS: mosaics, skirting board, steps
Zone is inspired by a resin with a delicate design, slightly directed, transposed into a red body wall tile. The horizontal stripes are formed from a material which gives an expensive, slightly mother-of-pearl effect. The surface is delicately worked to obtain an appearance which is matt yet at the same time has a satin finish.
The colours were designed to be combined in pairs: Zone Ivoire with Zone Chocolat, Zone Plomb with Zone Argent, Zone Perle with Zone Poudre, to cover and customise bathroom walls elegantly, creating pleasant layout combinations also using a decorative 4.5x45 cm strip.
TECHNOLOGY: red body
COLOURS: Zone Argent, Zone Chocolat, Zone Perle, Zone Poudre, Zone Plomb, Zone Ivoire
FORMAT: 25x45 cm

Perhaps of all materials, stone is the best able to absorb and give back the full value of time. Time continuously leaves its mark on stone, changing its colour, surface and texture, capturing the true heart of the material there day after day.
Icone is the synthesis of research which explored dozens of types of stone to select the four which best expressed both the legacy of time and the fascination and elegance of a contemporary floor. The result is a product with great personality but totally free from rustic connotations, a subtle balance of nuances, marks and colours, not just an imitation of stone, but an archetype of this timeless material. Subtle shaded colours, a surface soft to the touch but gratifying to the hand with slight undulations and small marks, a variegated pattern going well beyond the individual tile – an Icone floor is enough to characterise a style of living and philosophy of life, without limiting subsequent choices of décor. Icone is available in Ivoire, Sable, Gris and Bleu colours and in 45×45 cm, 30×60 cm and 60×60 cm sizes.
TECHNOLOGY : porcelain stoneware coloured in body
COLOURS : Icône gris, Icône ivoire, Icône Sable, Icône Bleu
SIZE : 45x45 cm and 45x45 rectified, 60x60 cm rectified, 30x60 cm and 30x60 cm rectified
FINITURA : elaborated banks
PATTERNS AND TRIMS : mosaic, bullnose 
Novoceram the new collection
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