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 News 05/10/2012
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Tagina ceramiche d’arte is supermade in italy

Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte reconfirms one more time its presence at Cersaie, always inside the pav. 36, and discovers its most hidden soul, that can be summarized in three words: SuperMade in Italy. The SuperMade in Italy is a vocation, the philosophy of the company, the result of a recipe that is composed by four main ingredients, thanks to which the company of Gualdo Tadino faces in the best possible way the present economic crisis, preserving the tradition and the Italian manpower.

*To belong to the great history of Italian ceramics. Tagina is born and grows in a territory in which the production of artistic ceramics known for the beauty of decors and the brightness of the baking and third firing techniques, dates back to the great season of the Italian Renaissance. This heritage has been preserved intact until our days.

* To transform this ancient knowledge in a new product. In Tagina tradition is combined with design and the most advanced technology, to give to the traditional beauty, the strength of a contemporary product, the ability to dialogue with the international design and to furnish the house of future.

*To produce each single ceramic piece in Gualdo Tadino, in the heart of Italy. Tagina follows and certifies each phase :from the planning moment, to the passage in the workshop in which the ceramic masters give the definitive shape to the drawings and the projects, till the industrial production and then finally the packaging.

* To operate in the respect of the environment and the work of the people. The entire production cycle same as the industrial sites operate with the highest energetic efficiency to reduce to the minimum the emission of CO2. The will to continue to produce entirely in Italy allows to preserve the work of the people that live in the territory and not dissipate a know how unique in the world. The result of SuperMade in Italy is - and Tagina reconfirms it also in the 2012 edition of Cersaie - a product of big quality, made with the local resources, in terms of manpower, tradition, know how and materials.

20 can be laid directly on the grass , gravel, sand or on provided supports for raised floorings.

PIETRA DEL MONDO In this collection is the natural beauty of our planet that inspires the Ceramic Masters of Tagina. Pietra del Mondo is characterized by surfaces of an ancient look, traced by hundreds of nuances and chromatic depths. As like the most recent Tagina creations, also this collection is available in the new sizes 92x92,82x82 and 41x82 and also in the high thickness version Compact 20 destined for outdoor applications. The names of the different finishes take the homonymous “muse” stones: PietraNera of Belgium, PietraDorata of Nevada, PietraVulcanica of Dekkan, Pietra Grigia of the fiord and PietraChiara of Jerusalem.

PALAZZO The new ceramic series for bathrooms and floors is characterized by big sizes: besides the now classic 60x60cm, the series is proposed with the important sizes 80x80cm and 60x90cm. The beauty of ancient timeworn floors, that have become bright and bent by the wear, is transferred by Tagina thanks to its ceramic know how. Lapping and artisanal polishing are the techniques used to interpret the incomparable gracefulness of the most famous palaces of the Italian history.

HARD ROCK BETON With its natural dyes, a clean essential texture, but dense and full, the collection of Tagina cements doesn’t want to be the umpteenth minimal and contemporary floor. Looking close to it you can discover how the masters Tagina have worked intensely to reproduce the industrial surfaces signed by time, the light emerging of salts, moisture and variegations. Hard Rock Beton is characterized by new sizes 92x92cm, 82x82cm, and 61x92cm, a rich offer, important ideal for residential, commercial projects, also contract of value and character living spaces.

WOODAYS By the classic and modern style, according to the tastes, completes a collection the stands out for the wide range of product. Available now in a wide range of finishes that remind wood, from chestnut to walnut, from blonde larch to the pickled oak, as to arrive to the rosy beech, Woodays presents also different kinds of “laying”. The essentiality of the block-boarded floor, typical of the parquet laying that we have been used to it in our days is opposed to a more “imperial” style laying, not surprising called Versailles. Woodays, doesn’t forget then the Compact 20, the size for outdoor with a two centimetres of thickness that allows different kinds of laying besides the traditional one. Without glue actually, Woodays Compact 20 can be laid directly on the grass , gravel, sand or on provided supports for raised floorings.
Tagina ceramiche d’arte is supermade in italy
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