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 News 29/09/2011
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Globo: (its) design time

Design is an integral part of our lives and our everyday existence, it is inherent in the things we do and say .... we are surrounded by its constant presence and live in a world of design that expands, evolves and is subject to endless transformation.

And GLOBO is one of today’s most outstanding examples. It presents the most dynamic innovations and, above all, it melds ideas and cultures to highlight the beauty, irony and functionality only design can convey. As always, attention is focused on the bathroom since it represents the most edge‐cutting and interesting expression of design: in all the four corners of the world, man applies design to furnish interiors in vastly different ways.

GLOBO owes its latest design products to the creativity of Giulio Iacchetti and Luca Nichetto. Forms, harmony and colours have contributed to breaking down the traditional limits of bathroom interiors to establish a new design frontier.

Olivia and now Affetto. And what about the future? International designers’ projects for a storage element in constant evolution. Every day the research team of GLOBO experiments, contemplates and defines new creative and technical uses for ceramic.

This working group of professionals aims at going beyond any preconceptions associated with this material, by proposing new bathroom applications and enhancing its creative and design content. GLOBO’s Creative lab + is a project stemming from a fusion between design and the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, in which creativity is driven by important forms of collaboration with the protagonists of contemporary design.

A new collection dedicated to a versatile home that is versatile with a penchant for transformation.

Signed by Luca Nichetto for GLOBO, the entire project expresses movement and emotion. A product family of over 50 elements, each one characterized by a strong personality of its own but indissolubly bound, at the same time, to the GLOBO brand identity.

With its long‐consolidated industrial background and its natural inclination for all that is innovative and inspirational, the Italian firm has now earned an international reputation as one of the most creative and dynamic players in the scenary of bathroom design.

Affetto Collection is the name of the new adventure GLOBO has undertaken in collaboration with the Venetian designer; it stems from the idea putting back in its right perspective the (often excessive) bathroom furnishing elements, by putting the accent on the natural shape of sanitary fixtures and the other objects of the collection.

"Affetto responds to basic needs: creating sanitary fixtures in essential forms that concede nothing to superfluous decoration, together with a series of furniture units that well adapt to various spaces and volumes. I drew inspiration from the Modernist movement of the 50’s: nothing is excessive and each and every element finds its rational collocation." Luca Nichetto

The sanitary fixtures of Affetto are characterized by one uninterrupted surface from the top to the bottom, while slimmer washbasin contours are a natural invitation to an “affectionate” embrace. Pedestal is slender and streamlined, while the unbroken line formed by the design of the wallhung pan conceals the toilet bend. Basins are available in the monolith version with incorporated top, for wall‐hung, counter‐top or recessed installation, in addition to a small hand‐wash basin.

The Affetto Collection also includes a freestanding bathtub contradistinguished by an essential and linear design. The bathroom furniture concept, designed for reutilization in the course of time, stems from the consideration that contemporary lifestyles sees individuals changing their homes far more frequently than in the past. In the event of a removal, furnishings that lack flexibility oblige their user to get rid of them.

The furniture units belonging to the Affetto Collection can be quickly moved from house to house since they adapt to various volumetric contexts.

Top of the cabinet is made of glossy white‐plated or anthracite‐plated MDF, while legs are in natural oak wood. Open shelving cabinets as well as the ones provided with doors and drawers are made of varnished MDF and are available in four colours (Tobacco brown, Cool Gray, Aubergine, Grey‐sky Blue).

Affetto also includes a basic wheeled system‐base.

Affetto accessories are objects of design that express functionality as well as good looks: a perfect mix of values whose existence is entirely justified by the important statements they have to make.

The pair of clothes hangers come in Yellow, Coral red, Pink and Turquoise, and the small tables, whether in the stool or bath‐side version, certainly make a novel appearance in the bathroom. Practical, original and versatile, they may be moved around at will to add a splash of colour to various zones of the room.

The toilet brush holder has been designed for maximum functionality of use: user’s hand is “concealed” within the object that is gripped almost as it was a fencing foil. This gesture allows the object to be handled in a way that is extremely simple and clean.

Shelves in three different dimensions, clothes hooks, towel rails, soap dishes, dispensers, toilet roll holders, mirrors in 6 dimensions, waste‐bins with swing‐tops or lids complete the wide accessory line.
Globo: (its) design time
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