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 News 05/10/2012
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MONOLITE, shower and radiator in a single element.

Monolite is the innovative heating system designed by Brandoni and born from a meeting between a creative entrepreneur as Luciano Brandoni and extroverted as an architect Fabrizio Batoni. Both linked by the desire to face new challenges along alternative routes and assuming new living environments and new lifestyles.

Both known gourmets, while chatting over a good glass of wine, they have shaped the first sketches of Monolite, the heating element in which are contained all the characteristics of a shower of high aesthetical and functional impact.

Unique, Monolite is a true domestic architecture, a bridge to the comfort that goes to undermine what until now were certainties and fixed points in space-bath, combining for the first time two conflicting elements in nature : fire and water. " Monolite " Brandoni explains, "was not a requirement, but the idea that fire and water can coexist creating competitive advantages in terms of cost and room. A space continuously evolving, flexible, chameleon, dynamic, willing to continually bringinto question, in step with the times.
"I've always loved provocations
" continues Batoni, "in all their facets, so we welcome the" bathrooms "able to define a way of life rather than a trend."

We have to deal with a customizable bathroom, implementable, which offers a very wide range of prices to suit all budgets, taking into account the benefits of two in one. A design object that is pure expression of the Brandoni philosophy, that is inspired by a "architectural" path made of synergies between companies and designers, continuous comparisons between cultures and art.

Brandoni is synonymous of dynamism, is a young firm (30 years as  average age) who has always believed in the importance of service even before the product. And one of the few companies able to provide a "turnkey package", so that the user can have in a short time the best solution at the most competitive price and have a great product and support through the years.
In Bologna Monolite is the tangible confirmation that not everyone can "have" a core technology based on a Steel radiator  that is characterized by the typical reliability of Brandoni products and ensures the customer a unique product, the result of careful design research and constant innovation. For the realization of its radiators, Brandoni has always used a special welding tunnel in controlled atmosphere that greatly improves the aesthetic quality of its products.

Monolite is adaptable to existing baths and it is available with shower trays, tempered glass and fittings of various sizes. It can be made different colour versions, perfect for health clubs, fitness area, large hotels.
It consists of the radiator, the “heating heart” of Monolite, the shower head, mixer, hand shower and diverter.
The radiant column is available in 500-mm or 400 mm wide, this latter solution allows its application even for those who have only a smaller area available.
It is also possible to choose Monolite as only heating column version or two sides open version, corner version with side hinged door closed. You can combine dishes from 120-140 and -160 cm and 8 mm wall tempered glass.

The new object of desire signed Brandoni can be customized with a wide range of accessories, from towel holders to hang hook-robe, all in different colors available.
- Was born in Colle di Val d'Elsa
- Graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence
- He opened his own studio in Colle di Val d'Elsa
- Collaborated with Altamoda Italy, Avatar, Blumarine, Bosal-Dema, Brandoni, Capannoli, Car favors, Center Light,
   Ceramic Volcano, Cristalquattro, Domitalia, Esedra, Essepi, Flou, Galaxy, Falor Group, Group Treesse, Trigano Group,
   House Design, The palace, Ithaca, Kerasan, Leatherform, Mamoli, Midj, Mobilacev, MPE environment, Neroceramica, Newform Life
   Nic Design, Perspectives, Resol, smavit Valli bathroom furniture, Vitruvit, Zazzeri.
- Participated in architectural competitions
- Has designed public and private spaces 
MONOLITE, shower and radiator in a single element.
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