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 News 03/10/2009
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Music for the ears, pampering for the skin: the new 640 seaside Hydrospa by Teuco complete with ipod

From today, you can listen to your favourite music as you enjoy the very best in well-being functions and features thanks to the latest Teuco Hydrospa
Exquisitely designed by Giovanna Talocci, the Seaside 640 Hydrospa, flagship of the Teuco Hydrospa range, now comes complete with its very own iPod so the bather can enjoy his or her favourite music as relaxing alone or in company.
The 8GB nano iPod and audio device with subwoofer and 4 hidden speakers is equipped with a timer featuring an automatic 3 hour cut-out to prevent energy-wastage in the event that the user forgets to switch it off. Its waterproof housing acts as protection whilst the audio connection is compatible with any MP3 source.
In addition, the Seaside 640 Hydrospa is the very first Hydrospa to feature Hydrosilence, the totally silent whirlpool where all artificial noise is eliminated and all the user hears is the soothing, therapeutic sound of moving water; the perfect environment, therefore, in which to fully appreciate the iPod facility.
Not only do an underwater light and perimeter lighting serve to create a unique ambience but the Spa can also have Cromoexperience mood-lighting, which conjures up a truly magical atmosphere. Controls and filters are hidden, as is the must-have refrigeration compartment. The jets – as always, strategically placed- have been mindfully reduced in size so as to maintain the elegance of the aesthetics without in any way compromising the validity of the hydromassage itself.
In fact, the massage zones have been purposely designed to be slightly lower than usual so they can be used when either comfortably seated or stretched out. It is also possible to lounge on the so-called ‘beach’ zone made up of 3 waterproof cushions in soft polyurethane and available in a choice of light-grey or brick-red.
Designed to accommodate 4 or 5 people, the 640 Seaside has an external dimension of 258x225x78cm, a depth of 70cm (making it suitable for veranda and balcony installations too) and an optimal internal bathing space measuring 188x152x50cm. Even in those instances where the Spa is housed in a panelled structure, it is still possible to appreciate the external seating area (70cm), in complete and unbridled comfort.
As with all Teuco Hydrospas, the new 640 Seaside always remains full of water, thanks to an efficient heating and water treatment system. It also has, as standard, a heat-conservation cover which serves to protect the unit when not in use.
Once again, Teuco – leader in its field – has succeeded in inventing a unique design solution, capable of merging form with function to create a well-being environment in which to pamper the body and mind, as fully appreciating the true beauty of water.
Music for the ears, pampering for the skin: the new 640 seaside Hydrospa by Teuco complete with ipod
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