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 News 13/10/2010
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ACQUAPURA wall-mounted built-in shower panel

A vertical surface floating on light, with horizontal water jets.
The water temperature, the water jet strength and the spraying surface can be selected by the user, who can therefore use the shower panel simply as a ‘washing tool’, by directing the water jets all over the body or onto specific parts, or experience it as an emotion, indulging in gentle rain carried by the wind or enjoying the revitalising strength of a waterfall.
Fresh or warm water flows or caresses.
Moments of pleasure for body and soul.
A purification ritual. 
The recovery in one’s home habitat of a natural element: water, a source of wellbeing.
In order to minimise outer encumbrance, ACQUAPURA has been conceived as a wall-mounted semi built-in shower.
It consists of a 53 cm wide and 179 cm high shower panel which is 3.6 cm away from the wall to contain a perimeter LED lighting system. A backlit waterfall is located on top of it.
The panel surface includes 378 front water sprays, a thermostatic mixer, a water spray strength adjusting knob, and 6 backlit pushbuttons allowing to select the various functions (waterfall, front sprays, hand shower).
All controls and adjustment systems have been designed to ensure instinctive use by the user. A particularly interesting feature is the possibility to select one or several of the 4 sectors containing the front sprays by simply touching one of the pushbuttons located on the panel, thus allowing the users to fine-tune the spraying surface to their specific needs.
Acquapura features the IMQ mark ensuring utmost user safety.
Available in 3 colour finishes: pearl – chocolate –graphite which change as room brightness varies and depending on the user’s viewpoint.
size: h cm 179 x 53 x depth 3.6 (distance from the wall)
ACQUAPURA wall-mounted  built-in shower panel
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