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 News 21/09/2011
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Collection Aqua Sense Cersaie 2011

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucet and shower systems impresses Cersaie visitors with its latest collections, the most stylish bath collections and designs they have ever created. Their newest collection, AQUA‐SENSE, is destined to become the future of shower design, confirming the company’s commitment to design, innovation and sustainability. AQUA‐SENSE is a full sensory experience, a shower system inspired by the feeling and luxury one experiences at SPAs; created for a discerning clientele who want to achieve both an innovative and high‐style design with an eye towards the environment. Exhibited on the
GRAFF jewel‐stand in Bologna, the collection plays a leading role with these four elements of design:
• Electronic system with ceiling‐mounted shower‐head, RGB effect,
speakers and touch‐screen
• waterfall
• wall‐mounted cascade and rainfall shower‐head
• wall‐mounted cascade and rainfall with RGB LED shower‐head

The electronic system with ceiling‐mounted shower‐head creates a very intense central rainfall effect resembling a real waterfall. The RGB LED changes color, shaping diffused chromatic lines to produce a soothing effect of the bathroom environment. The system is controlled by a touchscreen with simple and intuitive interface controlling water functions, color changes, music and videos. Music can be easily uploaded using an i‐Pod connected to a wall‐mounted USB port, while the speakers are ceiling‐installed. The system is well equipped with hand‐shower, foot‐shower and adjustable side body‐sprays.
Material: polished stainless steel
Finishes: 4 colors RGB white, red, blue and green
Wall‐mounted waterfall: this elegant and impressive element finds its location in the shower environment not as an accessory but as a real shower‐head creating a perfect blade effect. The shower‐head‐waterfall works with all GRAFF thermostatic product ranges.
Material: polished stainless steel
Wall‐mounted cascade and rainfall shower‐head: the distinctive characteristic is the ultra‐slim profile and the delicate edges, which give the product more than a touch of elegance. The cascade creates a subtle and well‐shaped blade of water. The rain effect is extremely rich. The wallmounted cascade and rainfall shower‐head can be used with all GRAFF
Material: polished stainless steel
Wall‐mounted cascade and rainfall with RGB LED shower‐head: provides the same functions as the wall‐mounted cascade and rainfall shower‐head, yet in addition it contains a concealed LED system; a non‐invasive and completely integrated design that produces a minimalist effect while delivering maximum benefit.
Material: polished stainless steel
Finishes: 4 colors RGB white, red, blue and green
Emanuela Tavolini, Sales Director of Graff Europe, comments: “Our new collections cross design borders. The finish choices, the chromatic effects and the technological solutions are amazing and are designed for the
clientele looking for a completely new and original product. Our design is able to create something very unique.”
The GRAFF manufacturing system is based on an innovative concept of Lean Manufacturing Management. Eliminating excessive consumption of time, energy and material, every process attains high efficiency
standards. Even for the fusion, plating and galvanic processes, GRAFF uses a zero‐ System that recycles 100% of brass and paper. In line with its strong commitment to environmental sustainability, products in the AQUA‐SENSE collection are among the most sustainable. GRAFF is an American company that fully expresses its willingness to eliminate its impact on the environment as much as possible.
Collection Aqua Sense Cersaie 2011
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