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 News 01/10/2013
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CRISTINA rubinetterie at CERSAIE

First of all, the mixers: KING & QUEEN are the two new series that, together with UNI/X and UNI/C, are displayed for the first time at Cersaie in Bologna.
Different style, but with the same minimalistic and modern background.
KING & QUEEN ratify the cooperation between CRISTINA and the MC2 Architetti Associati studio: a young reality, oriented to the home living spaces planning, lent for the first time to the industrial design.
For this beginning, they have created two series who wanna embody the male and female side of the bathroom: different, but able to interact.
UNI/X and UNI/C, designed by CRS Engineering, represent simplicity and purity: identical shapes, but declined to different raw materials (brushed inox and chromed brass) to create a functional mixer with smooth and thin lines.
There are news over the products: CRISTINA rubinetterie is now on IPad. Starting from Sept. 20 the new App is available to get in the CRISTINA world more easily: catalogs, images, technical info and all the news about CRISTINA.
Moreover, starting from 2012 the Cristina agents and dealers list will be available on our website, to give the customer our support, in every place it will be necessary. Last but not least, the image: as the water is our passion, the design is the key to give a shape to this passion. In this way, even the CRISTINA logo keeps changing on: from now on, the name Cristina will be on the logo no longer. Just the yellow square on the mixers: small, discreet and elegant. A sign to represent the understatement, but with a sense. The square has four sides, and synthesizes the CRISTINA personality: experience, passion, research and taste for beauty
CRISTINA rubinetterie at CERSAIE
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