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 News 27/09/2013
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NOMOS by Fima Carlo Frattini

Nomos, an original kitchen mixer tap  designed by Castiglia associati, is an   example of FIMA’s interest in research and innovation.  Its  ultrachic yet unpretentious design and its sleek modern style is a perfect complement to contemporary kitchen settings. A combination of functional effectiveness and taste, Nomos embodies a development of style and technology alike, thanks to the advanced component design applied to the product and its typically sleek style.
Nomos is included in the  FIMA Kitchen product line and the kitchen is its ideal setting, being the very heart of the home, a cozy place for family gatherings. Thus every kitchen component must combine innovative design and functional effectiveness, with simplicity and ease.
The product is available in several options: with a flat or cylinder-shaped spiggot, hand-held  pull-out faucet. All the versions allow customizing the solution to suit any kitchen design requirements. The handy pull-out faucet is really unique, featuring both innovative style and a user-friendly approach.   This is an ideal solution because its offers great functional effectiveness in performing everyday chores around the kitchen. Its typical feature, as a matter of fact, is a spring-free water supply hose that is not retractable when it is pulled out, so the nozzle head can be conveniently placed in the sink during use, which makes it  very handy.
Nomos is also available in the    electronic version, which is unique on the market, and  is an example of FIMA’s interest in innovation. With this product, tap functions are controlled by means of a touch screen with simple icons that are really user-friendly. The technologically advanced display allows   controlling all the functions, such as water flow and temperature.  
NOMOS by Fima Carlo Frattini
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