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 News 13/10/2010
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FINALLY…NUDO ST Rubinetterie showcases NUDO (nude), the new vision of “flows”…

A new guise perhaps for everything that ‘flows’ inside a home. Plumbing, electrical wiring and electronics are traditionally covered and hidden by walls, floors and ceiling. But not for much longer maybe… “Perhaps this is the start of a countertrend…”, explains Alessia Saglio, marketing manager for ST Rubinetterie. “Perhaps we are tired of this tradition and avert a desire for change, for inverted functions. Perhaps this time we see surfaces as the perfect body onto which we can sew and embroider a dress that finally brings alive all that flows and in turn breathes life into a room. Today we want to enhance resources by giving them shape, colour and substance along their route inside a room - from their source to their crude valuable material use. We want our vision of design to be exciting and excited, creating new functionalities where traditional architecture moves forward uninterruptedly and, why not, we also want to narrate how much passion and dedication we put into studying and developing the widest variety of technical and artistic possibilities that make our resources come alive. All this is possible and marvellous, it is art and design, technology and functionality, philosophy and ethics. All this is NUDO”.
Mixers, spouts, diverters, pipes, bends and connecting joints in microfused steel, internal insulation, in the widest choice of materials, shapes and colours.
NUDO, designed by Simone Micheli for ST Rubinetterie, is new plumbing for new architecture, the new approach to design for the bathroom and other rooms that uncovers everything usually hidden from view. Flexible, formal, elegant and perfect for renovations or new buildings, it completely overturns design medium values.  A new language that generates infinite solutions for the most diverse of purely technical needs and also meets the wholly emotional or creative requirements aroused by the day-to-day challenges of architecture today.
A ‘Lego’ model created and developed to turn necessity into a magnificent picture inside our living spaces, giving us what we need the most, day after day.
NUDO. An idea, a project, a need, a whim… And finally: an emotion.
FINALLY…NUDO ST Rubinetterie showcases NUDO (nude), the new vision of “flows”…
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