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 News 22/09/2011
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New Designer Atomizers of the Gessi Private Wellness® Program

Gessi Private Wellness® Programis a designer shower concept for creating a corner of wellbeing or a personal Spa in one’s own bathroom, though the collection applies to professional Spas as well.
Gessi Private Wellness® stands as the world widest range of shower modular units to compose freely for a totally personalized shower. Many single modules, arranged as desired and completed by modules of taps and the showerhead fitting bring great freedom of design.
Hot on the success of the chromo therapy emotional showers, a further range of stunning designer shower elements has now been added to the Private Wellness® collection to extend the concept of “wellbeing in style” in the bathroom. The new sleek atomizers with their polished surfaces and neat design sure fit this proposition.
The wall mounted atomizers are available in round, or square shapes to match the mixer handles and all other shower fixtures. They can be installed at different heights and numbers to spray the body at different points and can be coupled with fixed or adjustable bodyjets of the same design.
The Gessi Private Wellness atomizers are as fashionable as functional. In fact a mist cycle uses much less water and energy than a standard shower, allowing for a major saving in water and energy consumption per year, while delivering all the indulgence of a relaxing mist.
An awesome water-saving spray shower allows for enjoying a guilt-free shower while doing something good for the environmental cause an proves it is possible to have luxury while contributing to a greater good.
New Designer Atomizers of the Gessi Private Wellness® Program
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