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 News 22/07/2011
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O’Clock It’s time for water

O’Clock arises from a game of concave and convex lines and pure volumes as the cylinder is. A collection able to represent both the minimalist and the traditional style in its formal aspect, a proposal which lives the bathroom world in a complete way.
The position of the lever avoids switching on the boiler when not necessary, while keeping the traditional movement for the opening of water. Turning the handle of 90 degrees clockwise, it is possible, starting from the frontal closure position, to supply the water from cold to hot and not mixed, as in traditional one-lever mixers. In addition, the cartridge used it is a standard, and not progressive, 35 mm cartridge.
O’Clock, as other Bongio Collections born after 2007, belongs to the “I love Water” programme. This means all the series have a flow limitator which limits the waste from 12 liters to a maximum of 5 liters per minute, allowing a reduction in terms of water use and costs.
The Collection is produced in the following finishings: chrome, matt white, matt coffee, platinum and brushed nickel.
O’Clock , produced by Bongio , is designed by Marco Poletti
O’Clock It’s time for water
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