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 News 01/10/2013
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SERIE 4 by FIMA Carlo Frattini aesthetic and functionability for the needs of everyone.

Democratic design and maximum functionability: here are the characteristics of the new complete mixers line Serie 4 by FIMA Carlo Frattini, available for basin, bidet, bath and shower.
Reassuring in its familiar form, Serie 4 is characterised by soft volumes. Through the rounded profiles, the cylindrical base joins the spout and the handle to assure ergonomics and high performances. 
The line, wide and articulated, thanks to its formal essential, can be well fitted in different types of bathrooms. Projected for an easy installation and characterised by a good quality/price ratio. Serie 4 is the ideal collection for the contract area.
Strictly made in Italy, as well as all the lines of FIMA Carlo Frattini, Serie 4 is 7 years guarantee and assure the highest qualitative standards. The aim of FIMA is a global approch to quality, that leads to a particular attention to technological innovation, by using avantgarde industrial process and choosing the best row materials. All the products undergo an attentive quality control in each phase of the production and they are projected to meet and respect the stricted international regulamentations.
In the quality concept, there is also the attentive Customer care, and important element in the Company's strategy, that is ensured by assistence and technical support of high professionality. Moreover, the Company has always assure short time of answer: all this details makeFIMA well-known and appreciated all over the world, even in the contract area.
SERIE 4 by FIMA Carlo Frattini aesthetic and functionability for the needs of everyone.
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