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 News 13/10/2010
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Shark. Electronic conscious collection

The shark is there, within reach, in all its aggressive beauty, like in a shark Point in the depths of an island in the Maldives ... Only in this case, no shudder of fear runs along the man's back, who comes nearer: the shark in question is SHARK, the new collection of electronic faucets SHARK by ST Rubinetteria designed by Simone Micheli in order to be amazed with special effects.
 "Shark- tells Simone Micheli – has as its main aim to become, due to its proper technological specificities and by means of its continuous geometries, a new sign connected to the world of bearableness, environmentally compatible, with a scrupulous attention to the preservation of one of the world's most precious resources: water. Its performances, its constructional features, its formal perimeters that allude to a desired anthropomorphic rigour make it a symbolic and perfect collection of our time. The temporal bubble we are immersed in, requires conceptual and propositional rigour to the designers and manufacturers, calls for a return to a rationalism – organic whole, able to promote the growth of products that meet the varied demands of a world market aware of the fragility of systems which keep the Earth alive. 
Shark intends to propose itself on the market as an electronic conscious collection. It wants to make the world of architecture aware of an ethical message, as well as formal, in order to continue a path towards a real field tenability. "
Through the combined use of two electronic technologies, Shark provides a more bearable use of resources, reducing water and energy wastes. The decrease in the switching on quantity of the boiler is in fact turned into saving of costs, reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and prolongation of the lifespan of the boiler.
Approaching the hand rather than a toothbrush to the output opening, a sensor automatically activates the water jet or interrupts it when no longer needed; an "intelligent" system adjusts the water flow and temperature according to the circumstances. A slight touch on the keyboard allows adjusting the water temperature and flow due to a LED backlighting and a light glow suggests the selected temperature.
The function of automatic delivery can also be switched off in order to have a continuous flow, thus leaving the user the possibility to make a conscious choice in excluding the saving function according to personal needs.
The models for shower and bathtub are equipped with a thermostatic version for maximum comfort.
A series of pre-set temperatures allows a quick selection of the preferred option, with the possibility to carry out an adjustment for the search of the perfect one, and a safety system limits the maximum temperature in order to avoid dangerous burns.
The electronic deviator allows selecting two outputs also contemporaneous.
The ecological aspect and the respect of health are not neglected even during the realization phase of the product, from the use of low-lead brass to the selection of easily recyclable and recycled materials for the packaging.
Therefore, the new collection ST Rubinetterie represents a content and expressive story, strictly linked to the present-future ethics. 
Shark. Electronic conscious collection
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