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 News 25/09/2013
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Water saving and an Italian excellent quality

Water saving and an Italian excellent quality: those are the strength points of Teorema, for more than a hundred years a flagship of Italian creativity in the bathroom and kitchen tap industry.
The company entered WTS Group in 2012 and has found, thanks to the synergy with the other partner companies, a tool to reaffirm, at nationally and internationally level, the identity and uniqueness of its products, expressions of an ongoing research of innovative and eco-friendly solutions.
Water Saving Philosophy: a gift to both the consumer and the environment
A 40% water saving .All thanks to Teorema's technology, a result of the researches and experiments conducted by the professional staff of the company.
A maximum saving for both the consumer and the environment. Nothing changes in the delivery system of the water compared to a regular tap, but the specific technology allow us to contribute to the environment care keeping the same comfort.
Water saving is the aim of the “Water Saving Philosophy” of Teoroma, the eco-oriented corporate philosophy that the company has decided to embrace as an anchorage of its productive system. A sensitive approach toward the environment which goes hand in hand with a careful attention to the customer, granting a considerable savings.
Italian Choice.
Not only saving. Teorema represents the excellence of the “made in Italy”
A top choice which is reflected on all the different quality proposals dedicated to the bathroom and the kitchen.
One feature which emerges from the Teorema's solutions is the Italian Stye, universally recognized for its undoubted excellence in the design field, able to combine technology, quality and functionality.
Some of the most famous Italian designers, specialized in the bathroom and furniture sector, have contributed to the design and development of several series which compose our collection
Maximum performances are assured by the most evolved tests, with a staff devoted to the study, experimenting and research of the newest borders of the sector.
High lifetime and quality.
Teorema offers 10-year warranty products able to resist the wear thanks to a strict control of the supply chain and a constant care of the production process.
A range of innovative solutions studied and realized to offer to the customer the maximum comfort and practicality
Water saving and an Italian excellent quality
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