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 News 05/10/2012
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Hammam evolution

The Effegibi name is not just synonymous with the sauna. After years of experience producing prefabricated and brickwork Turkish baths, in 2000 the company embarked on PROJECT HAMMAM, making it possible to transform a home shower into a personal high-performance Turkish bath, or build a tailor-made one anywhere in the home.  
This marked a major step forward for Effegibi and, by taking a global approach to this concept, it is now possible to create a fully personalised Hammam space at home, with a choice of compact steam generators of various powers, doors available in a range of finishes and exclusive interior fittings.                                                          

 The wide range of options, maximum ease of installation for both working parts and fittings, combined with the company’s own high quality design service, made PROJECT HAMMAM a sure-fire winner, all set to grow.                                                                                                            
And grow it did, when, in 2006, Effegibi presented OMNIA, a revolutionary new system with an extremely compact control column built into the Hammam door, containing all the controls and main functions, including a programmable backlit display, a built-in temperature probe, RGB LED lighting system with colour therapy, steam diffusion and forced ventilation heating system, warm air and unit pre-heating functions.

OMNIA is supplied, as standard, with the Nuvola Plus generator with up to 6kW of power to install outside of the Hammam space.       

The Effegibi research team continued on this path toward the goal of miniaturising all the functions to take up the minimum space.                                              
The following year OMNIASTEAM made its debut, “your own Hammam in just one door”. This new system consists of a glass door fitted with a full height aluminium panel, 19cm wide and 8cm deep, incorporating all the Hammam technology, including the steam generator, needed to deliver professional-standard performance. Quick and easy to install, the control column includes the high-tech, super-compact steam generator, door open sensor, temperature probe, programmable control panel with backlit display, RGB LED lighting system with colour therapy, steam diffusion and forced ventilation heating system, warm air and unit pre-heating functions.                                                                                    
The latest additions to the PROJECT HAMMAM family are the innovative TOUCH&STEAM, AQUASTEAM, EASYSTEAM and NUVOLA TOUCH.  

 “Touch Philosophy” is the new frontier for EFFEGIBI: an ultra-high-tech control panel with backlit icons and temperature indicator.      

TOUCH&STEAM is a toughened glass panel, minimalist in design, 23 x 165h cm and only 11cm deep, 8cm of which are sunk into the wall. This ostensibly simple gadget houses the most state-of-the-art steam-generating technology. The glass is lit up by the touch screen controls which enable you to select the various functions: steam generation, warm air, unit pre-heating, white light or colour-therapy lighting. The combination of style and high performance make this panel simplicity itself to install in any shower. TOUCH&STEAM is available in a range of powers from 3 to 6kW and it has been designed for Hammam spaces of up to 6.2 m3.                              
With AQUASTEAM, a design unveiled at Cersaie 2010, Effegibi was able to show off the result of the painstaking research so typical of the company over the years. A curved glass panel with digital controls, plus a water spring with bowl make AQUASTEAM a product that is intuitive to use, that blends perfectly with any style of décor and can fit a wide range of spaces. The ultra-compact control panel, only 21x53h cm, is sunk into the wall leaving only the attractive part on show. The spring and bowl recall the traditional Hammam ritual in which the steam bath is punctuated by frequent splashes of cool water. The backlit water flow creates a delightful natural spring effect. Available in powers of 3 and 4.5kW, it can be installed in Hammam spaces of up to 4.5 m3

EASYSTEAM combines easy installation with a high-tech steam generator with Effegibi touch controls. A curved glass panel, 25 x57h x3.7d cm, is the control interface with the steam generator housed in an outer casing that is sunk into the wall during installation. Just like ALL the “Touch” family of products, EASYSTEAM is equipped with a bowl for aromatherapy essential oils. What makes it different from AQUASTEAM is its minimalist design without a water spring. Available in 3 and 4.5kW versions.

NUVOLA TOUCH is the perfect marriage of Effegibi’s years of experience in high-tech steam generators and its “Touch Philosophy”. The understated pure white design and compact size make it possible to install any of the models in this range on view, rather than having to create a special space over the shower. The NUVOLA TOUCH automated electronic operating system is a triumph of technology that is both highly functional and user-friendly, plus it is long-lasting, low maintenance and energy saving. The new, exceptionally compact touch screen control panel makes it an utter joy to use.  
SMARTBOX – This is the last integration for the Hammam Project: a combination of shower tray, ceiling, glass walls and door to be installed in the shower space of any bathroom.                                                          
Effegibi has received a number of DesignPlus accolades, the award presented by the  Frankfurt trade fair organisers and the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung).          

The company won the 2003 prize for two products: the LOGICA sauna and PROJECT HAMMAM for the MINI Fittings. The KOKO sauna won the 2005 prize, and in 2009, the TOUCH&STEAM system was the winner.

Effegibi also boasts two ADI Index mentions, in 2007, for the OMNIA system, and in 2009 for TOUCH&STEAM.                                                                         

In 2011 the international jury for the 22nd Premio Compasso d’Oro (ADI Golden Compass award) gave TOUCH&STEAM a highly-prized honourable mention in the Compasso d’Oro competition. 
Hammam evolution
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