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Rubinetterie Flli Frattini
 Azienda Rubinetterie Flli Frattini Impressions 1971
 Nome Tennis and slim
Tennis and slim
A sole adjective, simple, describes these shower heads. They hold in their essence a cutting edge technology, a new way to meet the consumers needs.
Simple are the design, the lines giving shape, the characterizing style but above all simple is the installation.
They only need a ½” connection to be fitted in the shower room and there is no need to place “built-in parts”. The design is also enriched thanks to the absence of the traditional shower arm.
Manufactured in steel they are available in the rectangular shape SLIM as well as in the new shape similar to the tennis bat TENNIS.
Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini always put behind their collection a technological research transforming the market’s tendencies and the consumer’s needs to elements of quality and innovative style products.
TENNIS AND SLIM shower heads are a good opportunity to create a design shower environment giving pleasant and emotional sensations thanks to the different water sprays.

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