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Urban mood in a game of historic reminders. It was the intensity of New York and of its Flatiron Building - the Fuller Building, completed in 1902 and still one of the icons of Manhattan today - which inspired Carlo Colombo to design the new Skidoo collection of taps for Teuco, unveiled at the 2011 Cersaie.
Indeed, the name Skidoo is tied to a curious fact related to the famous skyscraper: due to the geography of the area, the winds surrounding the building are always completely unpredictable and after it was constructed, strong wind currents formed around the building, which were so strong they blew up the skirts and dresses of women passing by. To "enjoy the show", many men would wait around 23rd Street and actually caused traffic congestion. The phenomenon became so "serious" that the police had to send out patrols to ease the traffic. Policemen would repeatedly shout “Skidoo, skidoo” (move along, move along!) and now New Yorkers say "let's meet up at 23 skidoo" to meet up beneath the building.
Skidoo, a name with a metropolitan reminder for a collection featuring a contemporary architecture, an alluring design and a comprehensive range.
Highly articulated and comprehensive, this brand new collection 100% made in Italy includes various versions of mixers and taps for wash basins and bathtubs - including sit-on, wall-mounted and floor-standing - for bidets and showers, with a broad range of inset mixers and totem effect shower panels.
With Skidoo, taps are transformed from a simple functional item into a contemporary sculptural expression, where styling and technology, perfected down to the smallest detail, convey all their force of expression through the individual appeal of every detail. In the wash basin versions, the design of the outline conveys energy through the encounter between the plastic forms of the body and the sinuous lightness of the vertical control lever.
Skidoo is designed to blend in seamlessly with any bathroom décor and matches all wash basin, bathtub, shower and sanitary fixture lines.
Skidoo by Teuco: a new design archetype to "remodulate" flowing water.

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