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 Nome King e Queen
King e Queen
For the first time at CERSAIE 2011, KING & QUEEN, the latest series by CRISTINA rubinetterie: two different lines, but complementary.
The KING & QUEEN mixers, designed by the Arch. Ornella Mainin and Roberto Camisasca, are the two faces of the same soul: the first one is squared, strong, masculine. Like a King. The second is elegant, smooth and graced. Just like a Queen.
Both sharing the same essential, pure and contemporary design, but divided by opposite sensibilities: CRISTINA rubinetterie presents two different models, but born to be matched together.
KING & QUEEN are two lines that are born together, and can be selected separately, based on your bathroom choice. But, they can be even matched together in the same surrounding: in case of twin ceramics, for instance, to create a real new concept of bathroom.
Perfect expression of the house space that, more than the others, belongs to the man as well as the woman. Inside there, as ever, there’s the CRISTINA technology: a modern product, not only for the shape but even in the essence, synthesis of research for beauty and high quality. Definitely Made in Italy.

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