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Rubinetterie Flli Frattini
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 Nome TOLOMEO the water in the center of our universe
TOLOMEO the water in the center of our universe
The charming simply shape and the light evanescent style of minimalistic and soft elements characterising the TOLOMEO series.
TOLOMEO features the lifestyle evolving with time and tendencies, represents the balance between the water flow and the material subject of the mixer itself.
The rectangular aerated and “soft” jet distinguishing this product flow symmetrically onto the basin also in the concealed version with the new vertical built-in mixer.
The series of basin single-lever mixer thanks to the employ of a 25mm cartridges can be considered an ecological series of mixers with great water saving.
Mixers of TOLOMEO series are available in different version for bathroom and kitchen use showing the care of the details of the Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini products

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