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Acquario Due
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 Nome Cotto smalti colori
Cotto smalti colori

In the picture it is shown a new example of the simplicity of the products  "Cotto Smalti Colori", proposed as covering of a kitchen. In this setting are used 10x10 size tiles, an embossed decoration of ADR line along with special pieces.

The finishes collection "Cotto Smalti Colori" is composed by basic withe bas-relief, frames and rims, bands and borders.

Simple and elegant terracotta bas-relief decorations are a pleasant furnishing element , which is often used to enrich the setting or as original covering finishes. 
In order to widen the applications and to offer to our Clients some advices useful to develop customized applications, even out of catalogue range, Acquario Due s.a.s. proposes, to match with each decoration or border, white enamelled finishes with coloured paint or with ceramic oxides decorations, directly applied on the terracotta bas-relief.

The decorations' range can be matched with terracotta ceramic elements, both for kitchen and bathrooms applications, or with the extremely wide range of colours available. 


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