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 Nome Aqua
AQUA is the new collection of ABK wall tiles that recovers and interprets the ceramic handcraft technique of the glazing “a tazza”. Characterized for its irregular cumuli of  glazing on the surface, gives to the material a clearness soft touch and a great personality and originality. The surface is shiny and the heart is in double fire white body.
Aqua produced in the size 20x60 cm is available in the different shades of the pink colour: magnolia, cipria, ametista, of the brown colour: avorio, canella, visone and of the grey/blu colour: cenere, tortora, oltremare. Three major families of colours composed by a bright, a medium and a dark colour chosen after a careful analysis of the colour trends. The combination of the different colours of each group allows to personalize each room by simply playing with them. Rooms in which the colour itself is a decoration.
Each chromatic group of this series is enriched by geometric and floreal decorations designed to be each different from the others and each original. Three “melange” mosaics with a mix of the three colours from each chromatic group are also available.
All types of bathrooms that can be made with Aqua are studied in combination of the products and colours of Cabane collection or to the floors in the traditional size 33,3x33,3 in glazed porcelain body, in all dark and medium Aqua shades.  
Manufacturing Technology :      wall: double fire white body wall tiles
                                           floor: glazed porcelain body 
Use:                                     Wall tiles for bathroom – Residential
Sizes:                                    20x60 cm and mosaic 30x30 cm for wall tiles;
                                           33,3x33,3 cm floor tiles
Colours:                                Rosa (Magnolia, Cipria e Ametista)
                                           Marrone (Avorio, Cannella, Visone)
                                           Grigio/Blu (Cenere, Tortora, Oltremare)

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