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 Azienda Abk Impressions 1670
 Nome Contemporanea
CONTEMPORANEA of ABK borns from art, from the large and soft stokes of a painter, from the man who does not imitate nature, but becomes an integral part of it.
Ancient charms interpreted in a contemporary light, for a project for double fire white body wall tile in the 20x50 size, for a house where every particular is chosen with love, where every detail is intimate perfection. The surface is covered with a very shiny glazing that, enriched by the particular undulating form, embellishes the rooms with harmonious reflections of light. 
Designed for  bathrooms with a more modern soul, is characterized by the particular dusty look of the dark colours and bright of the light colours. It is available in the same three chromatic combinations of Ricordi: Bianco + Bordeaux, Perla + Blu, Avorio + Moka, studied specifically for the matching with the floor of the Puro series or with the floor, suggested in 3 different dark shades, in the traditional size 33,3x33,3 in glazed porcelain body. 
Manufacturing Technology: double fire - white body
Use:                          Wall tiles for bathrooms – Residential
Sizes:                         wall tiles in 20x50 cm, floor tiles 33,3x33,3 cm
Colours:                     Bianco+Bordeaux, Perla+Blu, Avorio+Moka

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